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Should I double major or just graduate early?

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Hello, I'm currently a student at Providence College majoring in Biology with a minor in Writing. I work as an EMT and have over 1500hrs so far of direct-patient-care, and though I do have someone to shadow in the future, I can't right now because of COVID-19. I am a Junior. I was wondering if I ended up double majoring so I could graduate with both a B.S. in Biology and Chemistry, would that help my chances more into PA school? I have mostly A-'s and B+'s in my science classes, with 2 B-'s haunting (2 BIO classes, 1 was Anatomy & Phys, but I have taken Phys with lab now and gotten an A) me from where I lost all motivation a semester. I have maintained a 4.0 the past 2 years though to help it and have not gotten anything below an A in a while. 

So would my chances be improved if I graduate with two science degrees? How much will those B-'s haunt me? I got a B in Statistics, and A's in my Calculus I and 2 classes, Microbiology, Phys with Lab, Genetics, and currently taking Anatomy w Lab.  Graduating with another science degree would force me to stay in school for another semester, but I could also do more research here while at it. 

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I don't feel like completing the chem will greatly increase chances. As long as your GPAs are adequate then I don't think the actual degree would help THAT much. Your As and Bs will be fine. I had more than a few Bs and i think I had 2 or 3 Cs on my transcript...and one was in anatomy and I was alright. Granted I worked in a heavy anatomy field for 5 years up until application. Just finish strong and I think you will be fine. If the GPAs are low then you may need more classes to boost, or retake.

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