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Residency Interview Questions/Advice

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Hello all, 

I have a virtual interview next week for a Critical Care Residency. Plan is to look over old interview questions from books on getting into PA school /med school. Looking at blogs with med school/residency questions and just trying to imagine some of the questions that they would ask regarding strengths, weaknesses, rotations, experience, why critical care, -anyone have experience with residency/fellowship interviews and what to expect? Mine is virtual of course, but just as far as formats or tricky questions. Any advice would appreciated. I am a new PA  grad and have 6 years of previous healthcare experience as a critical are respiratory therapist but have not yet worked as a PA-C. Lots of knowledge of ventilators/settings/managing with ABG results. Experience with intubations, assisting bronchs, arterial lines, etc. Thanks!

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My interview was more truly “get to know you.” They have seen you’re smart, get a long well enough to get good LORs, etc. these people are going to be hanging out with you a lot more than professors. Mine was mostly about what I like to do, why residency is important to me, what do I do for fun, critical thinking questions, how do I plan to avoid burnout, what I would do in certain difficult situations.

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There should be several posts on this already to review. But like LT said, you will probably get some personal questions about who you are, what you like, etc.

But cliche questions are cliche for a reason. Everything that you posed in your original post has been asked to me in my residency interviews. Basically, who are you, why you, why us?

Virtual or in person, wear a suit, have an appropriate/professional background (some people may not think about what is in view behind them when they use zoom/skype), and practice your responses.

Best of luck.

PS: I would think that your experience as a RT would definitely play well for you

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