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Hi everyone!

I am trying to figure out the options to earn PCE hours. And to ask if you guys think being a Wraparound Care Facilitator would work for Healthcare Experience? They are labeled as home health and have parts in the treatment plans and working with all kinds of health care agencies for children, youth, and families. I was thinking about either a CNA or Physical Therapy Aide.... Any suggestions? I don't have any PCE hours..... So I am really nervous and stuck on this part. I have the GPA stuff figured out and volunteer work, just not the PCE.


Thank you!

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The best thing is do when unsure is to email programs you are interested in with a job description and title and see what they say. I got a lot of helpful information doing this. Generally though, CNA is almost universally considered PCE. Physical therapy aide is also oftentimes considered PCE, but not always, and may be considered less quality than CNA or other types. But there are students who have gotten in with only or mostly physical therapy aide experience, so at the end of the day, it is very program-specific and speaking to the programs directly is your best bet.

Personally, I did CNA because the jobs are plentiful, the hours are flexible (they are always in need of CNAs, so you can work any days or times of day you want generally), and the certification process is cheaper and quicker than other PCE. Physical therapy aide is great because it doesn't usually require any certs, but I also found this makes it harder to land a job, and once you do the hours may not be as flexible. For example, I applied for a physical therapy aide position and they wanted to hire me but only for part-time at like 14 hours a week. That may have been a good fit for some, but I definitely wanted something closer to full-time to really maximize my hours. With my CNA I got regular 40 hour weeks without any difficulty. The other type of experience I did was behavioral therapist. It didn't require a cert, paid decently (about $18/hr where I live), and was not a bad job, but the hours were very low and inconsistent, so I did not stick with it very long.

Feel free to message me if you have any other questions!

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