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Second time applying and advice

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Hello! I applied this year for the first time and was rejected for an interview. Is there some advice you all can give me on how to improve my application for next cycle? Is it ok to copy things from my first application? Can I just copy my experiences since they are the same and just add new ones as I do them? Any advice would be great.

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I recommend emailing the school and seeing if they offer any suggestions for improvement. They don't always do that, but it is worth a try. Otherwise, you can describe your app and post your stats and others may be able to offer you suggestions.

It is totally okay to copy stuff from your current application - in fact, you can opt to have most of it transfer over on caspa to save you the time and hassle of typing it all up again. Some things do not transfer however, such as your LORs and your personal statement. You will need to ask your letter writers to resubmit the letters, or ask for new LORs. Most people also recommend altering your personal statement. Maybe try to adjust weak areas or get more people to review it, and it may help to add that you applied to PA school once before and did not succeed so you worked hard on improving your app and gaining new experiences. This will demonstrate dedication and how passionate you are in your career ambitions.

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