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med school books for PA school


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Hey all!

My friend just finished her 2nd year of med school and is giving me her USMLE books and anatomy text as well. I don't have my own books yet, so I thought I could use the text to review and pre-study (it is recommended by my program). Should I just stick to reviewing my undergrad A&P text instead, and leave the med school text as a 2nd source of info once I start school?


Also, does anyone know if USMLE books are helpful for PANCE at all? Obviously I am not going to use those alone to study, but I thought they might be helpful in the first year for tests and reinforcing info I learn? Anyhow, let me know :)

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If anything, they'll be more in depth and not limited to the scope of questioning that the PANCE has. Lots of people study med school material, since the overlap is so great, but if price is no object, material tailored JUST to what's on the PANCE might be more efficient.

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