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help! 1099 curveball offer

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Hello! In desperate and urgent need of advice!

So I'm essentially a new grad PA and have been struggling finding work for 6m. I was in discussions for this rehab/residential psych position. The company works as 1 MD with 3 full time PAs. The company manages the psych care at several different facilities. Initially, we were in talks of 115k base pay with 30-60k in bonuses for taking call or picking up patients here and there. The doc sold me on how lucrative the position was. No benefits. But I'd also have my own scribe and the full support of the team in developing my expertise in psych. The whole team seems really helpful and supportive. Patient load reasonable as well. 

I was honest with my initial thoughts on psych and how I hadn't really ever considered the field. I am too honest for my own good. So I think I got the group apprehensive about me and whether or not I could handle the position...... soooooooooooo they ended up offering me an hourly position at $55/hr but as a 1099 as opposed to a regular employee like the other PAs. There's still opportunity for call to supplement my income but not as significant and the hours they could get me was 24-32/wk. He said he'd cover my malpractice too...

I don't know anything about 1099.  But does anyone have any insight as to why they'd hire me on like this as opposed to regular? They made it sound like should I realize I don't like psych or the role, it's less of an issue. What questions do I need to ask about this? 


Thank you so much for your help! I am so overwhelmed I could cry. I just want to be working!


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55/hour is basically the base pay they were offering, however now you will be responsible for your portion of the FICA taxes (7.5%) and don't get any benefits they would have been otherwise offering (like health insurance, retirement, etc.). On the flip side, you can deduct a lot of things as business expenses on your taxes (like a car lease). Sounds like they offered it to you this way so if they or you decide it's not the right fit, it's less of a hassle. Just be aware if they are setting your schedule and you have to go to work and do that job I don't think it's technically 1099. 

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