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  1. Hello! In desperate and urgent need of advice! So I'm essentially a new grad PA and have been struggling finding work for 6m. I was in discussions for this rehab/residential psych position. The company works as 1 MD with 3 full time PAs. The company manages the psych care at several different facilities. Initially, we were in talks of 115k base pay with 30-60k in bonuses for taking call or picking up patients here and there. The doc sold me on how lucrative the position was. No benefits. But I'd also have my own scribe and the full support of the team in developing my expertise in psych. The whole team seems really helpful and supportive. Patient load reasonable as well. I was honest with my initial thoughts on psych and how I hadn't really ever considered the field. I am too honest for my own good. So I think I got the group apprehensive about me and whether or not I could handle the position...... soooooooooooo they ended up offering me an hourly position at $55/hr but as a 1099 as opposed to a regular employee like the other PAs. There's still opportunity for call to supplement my income but not as significant and the hours they could get me was 24-32/wk. He said he'd cover my malpractice too... I don't know anything about 1099. But does anyone have any insight as to why they'd hire me on like this as opposed to regular? They made it sound like should I realize I don't like psych or the role, it's less of an issue. What questions do I need to ask about this? Thank you so much for your help! I am so overwhelmed I could cry. I just want to be working!
  2. I posted this same exact topic a little over a year ago, I think. I had the EXACT same thoughts as you. I also desperately wanted to have a backup plan in motion so I wasn't wasting time and money on something that could very well not happen. So I ended up applying for nursing school and was completely cool with this plan. I put my PA pursuit on the back burner, (I accidentally got distracted taking a nursing pre-req). However, when I was accepted this past May to an incredible program, I literally only felt dread. I tried to psych myself up for it, but it just felt so wrong to me. Yes, I could get pharm experience, some pathophys, and a well paying job with more patient care that would only help me get into a PA program eventually. However, for me, I'm dying to understand the science and to do the diagnosing. If I went to nursing school, I would just be continually pulled to focus my attention on something that is not that and that just felt like torture to me. To be even closer to what I want to do, but to be denied it? I'm struggling to put this feeling to words..... I don't know. Nursing school is so much work, that's more tangential than similar to PA goal. I would be working with nursing students who want to be nurses. That's their dream, and I wouldn't be able to relate. I don't know... it just didn't feel right. So, after 2 months of painful deliberation, I decided to put all my eggs in the PA basket and reorient myself on bettering my application. I also had a clearer head of how badly I wanted to be a PA. Instead of going to nursing school, I would have the time to take more advanced science electives, retake a course I got a B in. Get more diverse CNA/tech experience. Shadow more. In one year, you can really do a lot of improvements. I looked at different schools and found where I'd be most competitive. And you know what, I got into PA school 3 months later. This is just my story and my feelings on nursing. But, I think what you should really be focusing on is what you truly want to do. Why is it you want to be a PA? Is anything else enough?
  3. Anyone know how often people get pulled off the waitlist to interview? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Here's the FB group address for those accepted and attending! https://www.facebook.com/groups/IdahoPA2019/
  5. okay I'm really excited to know who my classmates are! but apparently, I need to have a second person to create a facebook group... soo if someone could PM me your FB url, we can start this thing!
  6. so.... is it too soon to start a Facebook group??? [emoji51][emoji51] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I GOT IN! I'll be at Meridian! --- now that I calmed down, I found out on Moodle if anyone was curious. I sure hope that's accurate. A file score wasn't posted or anything. oh my gosh, i'm so excited!
  8. I interviewed today and they said the week after thanksgiving, they'll be sending out info! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. wrebe, few questions for you! Does the regional anatomy lab use cadavers? I think I heard yes, but I wanted to make sure.... And regarding rotations, are they mostly outpatient? Is there opportunity to do more inpatient rotations? Thanks again for your insight!!
  10. They offered as early as ~oct 30th I believe and I want to say they had 2-3 days available per week thru most of November... I went for Nov 17th. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I just got my rejection email today and I'm just confused. Maybe it's the way the worded it, but it sounded so dismissive. To tell a person their application is "not competitive" and using the average GPA as an example of how superior the accepted students are.... and then have it be below what I have? It's just annoying. Honestly, that's the weirdest stat to use as a benchmark for rejection letters. Last year, my rejection from LaX used the GPA of 3.97, or something ridic like that. Sorry, just venting. Is it too early to ask for feedback on your application?
  12. @wrebe, thanks for that info! that's great! @swanosaur, I feel like I have to go onsite. I know it's expensive/stressful to fly out, but I feel like it shows you're invested in the program and it gives admissions the best and most complete picture of who you are as a candidate... though i'd probably interview better in my pajamas and on the phone....
  13. @wrebe I've never been to Idaho, so I'm trying to predict which campus/town I'd like best. I feel like this is a over-asked question, but is there any differences between campuses/resources/student groups/towns? I think Meridian was just renovated and I think I read that also happened in Pocatello? For the Meridian campus, how is it being integrated with a high school? Thanks for your insight!
  14. How important do you guys think it is to interview right away? Do you think waiting until December be a bad idea? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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