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Direct Entry PA Programs

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Hello! I am a senior in Highschool and I am applying to some Direct Entry PA schools in the northeast region (NY, PA).

These are the schools that I am applying to / finished applying:

Le Moyne



Seton Hill



I mostly chose these schools because from the virtual meetings I had with them, they seem the most cost-efficient with applying scholarships to 4 years out of the 5-year program (aside from Arcadia) and have some opportunities for full tuition undergrad scholarships.

Looking at some of the higher-ranked PA programs, they tend to be way more expensive than going through the traditional route (with cheap in-state undergrad), so I decided not to apply.

From the schools that I have chosen, are any of them notorious for having a bad PA program? Their ranks aren't bad from what I've seen and I heard that PA school ranking isn't very accurate. On the other side, are any of these PA programs known for being really great? I was given more information on the application process than the strengths of the PA programs other than hearing that it has a high PANCE rating.

I know that it's weird to think about this before even getting an interview, but after hearing the PA ranking isn't very accurate, I'm lost on how to find out what is truly a "good" PA program. I don't exactly want to limit myself to a bad program even if it ends up being cheaper.

If there are any direct PA programs that you recommend, please let me know! I'm fine with any college as long as it is in the New York- Pennsylvania- New Jersey Region and not unaffordable (I do not believe I will get merit aid as my parents make too much). I live in New York


Also, if anyone personally knows any direct entry graduate, can you tell me how ready they were to work as a PA. I am still planning on being an EMT during college for patient contact hours.

If anyone wants to chance me (idk the stats of those selected):

My stats are 3.92/4.27 uw/w. Ranked somewhere in the top 10. Couldn't take the SAT / ACT yet ._. but from the practice tests, I am consistently getting around 1500. 150 hours of volunteer experience / direct patient care (worked in the emergency department and blood drive for 40 hours of direct patient care). Virtual Shadowing (this probably won't do much). Distinguished Youth Award Winner (Partnered with the local legislature in completing goals). Virtual Internship for local government. I'm a leader in a bunch of clubs: President of Math Team, Math Honor Society, French Honor Society, International Culture Club, Art Club. Vice President of Cornerstone. Member of my school's Red Cross and Tennis team. Out of school, I am an active member of Students against Child Marriage. I'm also starting a year-long fundraiser in my school to raise money for doctors without borders. I am also in the AP Capstone Research program and hopefully, I can conduct research on healthcare disparities.

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I went to Daemen as a Masters student. I’m not a big fan of the direct entry program. It doesn’t give you enough time to figure out what you really want to do or mature by the time you actually go out and have to care for another individual. To me, most (not all) 22 year olds just don’t understand what it means to have another persons life in their hands, despite the education. With that being said, Daemen is a great program. They have been well established amongst the community as consistently putting out very good PAs. I wish they taught more on inpatient medicine, which is what I took a job in. Overall they prepare you. My friends from the direct entry program do say they felt well prepared from a outpatient primary care standpoint as well. If you have any questions then you can message me if you’d like

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Hi! I also know of Drexel, TJU-East Falls, and Lock Haven that have the 5 year programs. I would look into those as well! I am not sure what their tuition rate/scholarships are. I do know Drexel is expensive, but they give a lot of scholarships so it might end up being the same as a public school depending on aid.  

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