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Any former MLS who became PAs?

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If your a former MLS I wanna know your journey! Where did you apply? Are your stats similar to mine?

So I’m an MLS with little/no direct patient care experience other than being a medical technologist, which some schools might partially count. I’ve been applying to schools that are either MLS friendly or don’t differentiate between HCE and PCE. Here are my stats:

My sGPA is 3.52
cGPA is 3.5
last 60 credit GPA is around 3.7
PCE: Certified and Licensed Medical Lab Technologist 7000+ hrs
300 hours of volunteering at a 2 PT clinics and 1 skilled nursing facility
First generation college student

LoR: 2 Physical Therapists and my MLS program Director

I decided pretty late i wanted to pursue the PA profession so I have zero shadowing (damn COVID) 

Awaiting responses from 10+ schools. I have an interview to lock haven in Pennsylvania.

ive read about other MLS people getting into PA school but wanted to start a thread myself. 

I’m nervous the most about my PCE and the fact I haven’t shadowed PAs or have LoR from them. Ugh, I’m applying to more schools cause I absolutely NEED to get in this cycle


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#1 Former MLS now PAS student - so YES possible.

#2 Immediate concern - ensure the schools you are applying to are Late starts (interviews should not have started yet).  Univ of Cumberlands, Trine, Miss are a few I recall.

#3 Need to try and obtain PCE.....I did Phleb, Athletic Trainer and MLS.   Phleb is easy to get trained in and lots of hours, however they are considered 'low quality".   The MIX I had resulted in several questions / follow ons during the interviews.  It raised curiosity which I believed this helped me stand out.  I had a chance to talk, show what I had and how things helped round me out as a candidate.

#4 I did have the opportunity to shadow (all prior to COVID) both a Doctor and PA.  That was another thing that stood out, I knew very well roles of each since the Doctor did have a PA.


That's my best suggestion - what makes you stand out from the crowd.   Has similar GPA's, less overall PCE / HCE hours.  Mainly MLS, however currently a 2nd semester PA student.  Good Luck!

If you want to reach out - feel free to reach out directly.


From Bobby Bones.....Fail until you don't fail

From Gretzky...you will miss 100% of the shots you don't take

If this is what you want - make yourself standout from the crowd.

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