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Thank you letter

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Hello! I was told recently that I should send a letter of gratitude to whoever interviewed me just out of courtesy. I didn't do this with the first 2 schools I interviewed for but I figured I might as well do it for the one I just had. I was just wondering, what do people typically put in the subject line of the email? Is it usually just like  "Thank you?" And if it was a PA who also has a PhD who interviewed how should I address them (Mrs vs Dr. vs PA)? TIA! 🙂 

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I would advise sending an actual paper thank you card.  It's more personal.  And you don't have to worry about a subject line.  Mail it to the school's PA office.  If the person has a PhD, address him/her as "Dr."  If not, just address as "Mr." or "Ms."  Say thank you for the opportunity to interview, express enthusiasm for the school, and maybe mention something specific you talked about in the interview that would make you stand out.

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