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  1. Got my acceptance a few days ago, but will be declining my seat for a different program! Good luck to everyone applying this cycle!!
  2. For those who submitted their deposit, how soon did you get the admissions information/confirmation email? I submitted mine today online, but I'm scared I won't get the admissions confirmation email until next week even though my deadline is on 10/30.
  3. Received acceptance letter today as well! Interview was last week (10/9)
  4. It seems like there were role-play scenarios last year. Does anyone know if they did the role play scenarios this year over zoom? Or was it mainly just personal questions?
  5. Hello! I was told recently that I should send a letter of gratitude to whoever interviewed me just out of courtesy. I didn't do this with the first 2 schools I interviewed for but I figured I might as well do it for the one I just had. I was just wondering, what do people typically put in the subject line of the email? Is it usually just like "Thank you?" And if it was a PA who also has a PhD who interviewed how should I address them (Mrs vs Dr. vs PA)? TIA!
  6. Received an interview invite last thursday (10/1) as well! Does anyone know if it's traditional, MMI, etc?
  7. Hello! For those who had interviews already, are we supposed to scan our drivers license/passports or anything? Or can we just show it on the screen during zoom? Also does anyone know if we are allowed to take notes during the info session/ financial aid discussion? TIA!
  8. I got an interview invite as well, but when did they ever state there was a secondary application? I know they have some sort of written part you have to complete during the interview, is that what they are referring to?
  9. Hello, does anyone know the format of the interview? It doesn't say in the email, so would we assume it is traditional as opposed to MMI, group, etc?
  10. Anyone hear back at all? Does anyone know if they are still planning on conducting interviews this year?
  11. I actually emailed them to ask if they are rolling and they said the view applications as they come in!
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