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Finding a collaborative/SP in MI

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Hello everyone,

I am a PA working IM, Geri and psych. I essentially run two clinics (IM) for an SP and work a concierge medical position/visiting "physician."  I have plenty of autonomy but after a few years working and seeing the revenue I'm generating, I'm getting tired of being paid pennies for the amount of work I am putting in and have been considering opening my own visiting "physician" company. The only thing I'm having difficulty with is finding a collaborative physician. Surprisingly, in the settings I've worked in I have only seen PAs/NPs and never a physician on site so I haven't been able to build a rapport with one. Any advice on finding a CP/SP? I have tried reach through other PAs/NPs and the MDs I've spoken were very flaky and most flat-out said they are not interested. At this point I'm considering posting a job offer on indeed or something. 

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