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Criminal history...

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Just got my first rejection, solely based on a misdemeanor from several years ago. It really sucks, but there's nothing I can do to change that now. Anyone else have a similar story, or know someone who does? Not looking for sympathy. Just hope that it wasn't a gigantic waste of time and money to try and become a PA. 

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1 minute ago, DizzyJ said:

Just curious...how do you know it was based solely on the misdemeanor?  Did your rejection letter specifically state that? 

They were nice enough to offer feedback. Which I really appreciate. But yes, they said that was the only reason, and they would have been happy to offer an interview otherwise. They told me to reapply in 3 years. 

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Well that sucks.  There are certainly people who get into PA school with a misdemeanor.  There have been threads about it on here.  Not knowing anything about your particular misdemeanor, or you as an applicant in general, I would say it is not a waste of time to continue your journey just because of one rejection. 

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