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Interpreting PANCE Scores

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Hi all! I hope this post finds you safe & healthy. 

I am sitting for the PANCE next week and I am (of course) quite nervous! I was hoping it would help me have peace of mind to understand the interpretation of the PANCE scores. My research has shown you need a 350 / 800 to pass, but I am certain merely a 43.75% wouldn't be passing. Therefore, I'm sure the questions are weighted according to difficulty. That being said, does anyone know what percentage correct you need to get on the PANCE in order to pass? I would like to compare that percentage to my ROSH questions to see how I measure up (My ROSH predicts I'll pass but I'd like to be extra thorough)! 


Additionally, any real life experience on how you faired on the PACKRAT / ROSH translated to how you did on the PANCE would be most appreciated 🙂  Thank you for your time! 

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I don’t know the percentage that is required to pass. I think it varies based on where the national average lies. My PANCE score was really similar to how I did on EORs. Basically per 100 questions I missed about 7 on EORs. I missed 21 questions (out of 300) on the pance and got a 635

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