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Updating schools after CASPA submission

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So I submitted my CASPA this past month for schools and I just finish one course where I got an A (2nd quarter general biology just a refresher course since it's been over 10 years) I don't think any of the schools I'm applying to require it being taken in the last 10 years (since I weeded out the those school that need me to retake any courses due to expiration except for Human Anatomy and Physiology and Micro). I am still retaking courses because my plan is to apply now for schools where my classes are expired (or if it's only A&P and Micro that i had to retake since I already finished those) and then if I don't get in this cycle I'll have a stronger course load because I'll have taken most of the "expired" courses already and hopefully it'll improve my GPA. 

I know these grades shouldn't affect me much but there are some schools I know that look at the last 60-90 credits so I was wondering how should I keep them updated on my grades. Should I resend updated transcripts, email the school, etc. I am currently finishing up Gen Biology in the Summer, and will start retaking Chemistry in the fall (along with a Developmental Psych course that I know some schools like)

In case it's relevant my science GPA is roughly 3.2 and 3.4 overall GPA (without counting the last A).

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