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I just received my gre scores. I received a 290 I don't have time to study again to get the desired scores I want. I am unsure if i should just apply next year or keep going with my application. I have a low gpa (3.3-3.4) I am very confused because I have already finished my applications.

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If by finished your applications, do you mean you've already submitted them? If so, then you may as well go through with them. Worst case scenario, you don't get accepted this year, but it'll be good practice for understanding how CASPA works and how the whole application process works. Additionally, if you are applying to any programs that do not require the GRE, that helps even moreso.

If you haven't submitted your application and you're wondering if you should, well it probably depends on your other stats. A low GRE/GPA could be overlooked if you have lots of valuable PCE, or other highlights like a long history of volunteer work or a great personal statement / LORs. Applications are viewed holistically - I don't think you would be denied simply because of a low GRE/GPA, but instead you'd be denied if your GRE/GPA was low and nothing else on your application really stood out. It might help others reply if you provided more of your stats.

Regardless, I wish you the best of luck!

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I am sort of in this boat as well. My GRE scores are not where I had hoped they would be. Only one of my sections is low (quantitative). The other two are fine. My CASPA GPA is lower than I expected but I still have a science in progress, so hopefully that will be considered. I am trying to pick programs to apply to that I may actually have a chance of getting into. I really wanted to be accepted somewhere in VA , but I don’t have the Biology 2 class prerequisite that some schools require. I could go and take that one class and open some more doors, but not for this cycle. I’m getting more nervous by the hour because I have already submitted and been verified through CASPA. 

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