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Online PA program from the UK?

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I'm not sure if anyone here will have the answers I am looking for but I'm wondering if anyone has any information regarding studying abroad while attending an online PA program? I am a KSU student at the moment and plan to apply to distance option schools next cycle. However, my husband and I are considering moving to Scotland next summer to be closer to his family and I'm trying to figure out if this is still a possibility if I am living in the UK. I know I need a US program in order to be eligible for licensure and practice in the US and we do not intend to stay indefinitely. I can work in the UK with a US degree, but not vice versa. If I am a distance student and my school offers study abroad opportunities for their on-campus program, I would hope to be able to find placements in the UK and be allowed to live in the UK and travel back for lab immersions. I have contacted schools with these questions, but thought I would see if anyone knew anything about it here. TIA!

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All of your mandatory rotations need to be done on US soil per arc-pa. Some programs have study abroad but for electives only. You wouldn’t likely be able to live in Europe during your rotation year. Didactic year, might be doable, but that is unlikely as well due to the fact that many programs have synchronous components and the time difference would make it very difficult. Also, the most prominent online program does not accept students from abroad. 

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