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ED Tech Phone Interview!

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Hey guys!

I was invited to interview over the phone for an Emergency Department Technician job at a level 1 trauma center 2 days from now!! I've been working as an EMT for a university ems agency for 1.5 years and I really want to gain in-hospital experience so I'm really excited about this. Does anybody have tips for phone interviews? Any recommendations for questions I should ask the interviewer? And are any of you current ED Techs that could just give me advice in general? Wooo thanks!!


Update: I got the job!!!

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Questions to consider asking about:

1. Scope of practice. This can vary btw. hospitals and also btw. licenses (i.e.  your hospital may have an expanded scope for EMTs/medics than for CNAs who work as techs). If they have you primarily doing transports/being a room cleaner, you may be better off working on the road.

2. Avg time a tech is employed in the ED. If the turnover rate is extremely high, this could be a sign that you'll be worked to death and/or the dept is malignant. 

3. How many pts do they expect a single tech to help take care of. When I worked in the ED, the nurse managers vacillated btw. 1-2 per pod (11-13 rooms), and this was a tertiary community facility with + 100k visits/year. Staffing does affect your experience working there.

4. Do they offer add'l training (ex. ortho applications, US use for IV access, ACLS, PALS). A place that allows for you to increase your skillset, especially when it can be applied as a future PA, is worthwhile.

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I would definitely agree with asking what your scope of practice will be in the ER. As an AEMT, I would run 911 calls and my scope of practice was well rounded. When I started in a pediatric emergency room as a tech, I lost virtually my entire scope of practice. I take vitals, do catheters, and can do blood draws. I cannot administer any drugs or fluids. I do not do an IVs at all. It is very different than on the road, but I think it is worth it to gain the hospital experience.

Just really make sure you know what kinds of responsibilities you will hold as a tech in the ED because you may be able to get more complex skills practice on the road.

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I loved being a tech! I was an EMT-B in a level 1 peds ED and got to do phlebotomy/IVs, fluids, EKGs, catheters, work bedside in traumas, etc. The hospital experience was absolutely invaluable - I'm on my first rotation and just understanding the hospital "flow" has made my life so much less stressful. 

As far as your interview goes, I would be enthusiastic and show that you're ready to get to work. Techs do a lot of the grunt work (lots of transports and vitals in addition to the fun stuff) and they'll want someone eager and cheerful. Asking about the additional training is a fabulous tip - I was an ortho tech, psych tech, got my PEARS certification, and left before I got to go to the ultrasound-guided IV course. 

Being an ED tech has been incredibly helpful in PA school. I wish you the best of luck and encourage you to learn everything you can! 

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