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Updating CASPA experience hours after submission

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Hey guys! So I submitted my CASPA application on 5/19 and was verified I believe 5/21. Only two of the six schools I applied to were rolling admissions and I was unaware that it didn't really matter when you submitted for schools that review all applications at the end of the cycle. When would be a good time to update my experiences in CASPA to show them that I am continuing in getting my hours during this cycle?

I was already a medical assistant at an urgent care, but recently moved to a pediatric clinic and submitted it the day I started so that I could put that the experience was current. Will they automatically add in hours if I included that it was current and that I would be there full time until I matriculate into a program?

Sorry if that is confusing! 

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Please note - once CAPSA application is verified, any schools that are sent data, the Original Data File is all that is sent (ie the verified file).

If you update any information 'after verification', CAPSA will update the file, however will not send schools any updates.   It will be up to the schools to go back into the CAPSA tool and pull the update out.

I will tell you that MOST SCHOOLS will not perform this step.  With a large number of applicants, they will take what CAPSA gives them, review, sort and go from there.

Knowing that, hopefully the reviewers like what they see in the original application and offer an interview.   Hopefully you can bring up the updates during the interview.

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