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Advice on LOR

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Hi everyone. Any advice on submitting a LOR from a co-worker? Any advice would be appreciated, and thanks in advance!

Background: We were co-workers in a clinical setting, but most of our time working together was an administrative role. I am confident that she can write me a strong LOR and highlight my strengths, but we did not do much PCE together. Would schools still like this or would they not pay much regard to it/not accept it because of that reason? I already have 3 LOR (1 from a PA I shadowed, 1 from my research professor, and one from my academic counselor), but I wanted to ask my co-worker for an additional one since I am pretty sure it will be strong. 


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I wouldn't recommend that for two reasons - because the job didn't involve a lot of PCE, and because this person did not supervise you. I would try to get a fourth letter from a supervisor in the job you got your PCE hours, if that's a possibility. If not, then a supervisor in your HCE job, as long as they can attest to your work ethic.

If you are worried you may have had less of a relationship with a supervisor, you can always email them a small "resume" of your strengths that can help guide them along to what to write and what to mention in the letter.  Just a thought.

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