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Applying with one outstanding prerequisite

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There are schools that use rolling admissions and accept one outstanding prerequisite. To apply to those schools, I have to finalize transcripts entry, then input my prerequisites. I’m hoping that I could the enter the grade for the outstanding prerequisite after I finish the course and send in the transcript. Does anybody have insight regarding applying with an outstanding prerequisite?

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Hi, I've had to do this for a couple prerequisites.  Once the prerequisite is complete, you will update the grade in CASPA.  Once you've updated the grade, CASPA will require you to submit official transcripts.  Once CASPA receives the transcripts, your program(s) will be able to see the grade. 

On a side note, you might want to notify your PA program's admissions department once transcripts for the outstanding prerequisite have been received by CASPA.  I thought CASPA automatically notified programs of the updated grade/transcripts, but found this not to be the case when I received an e-mail from my program stating that I was past due on an outstanding prerequisite I had already completed.  I had to call admissions to explain that I had submitted updated transcripts to CASPA months prior, at which point they were able to log in to CASPA from their end, find the updated info and make the correction.  It's also possible that CASPA did notify my program of the updated grade/transcripts, but that someone in admissions just dropped the ball; I'm not entirely sure.  Anyway, just a heads up.

Good luck!

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