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  1. Hello, I shadowed a PA who will let me write most of the LOR from her. How should I make the LOR? She said I could make it and then she would add a little bit. I was thinking of addressing the prompts for the LOR, like preparedness for grad school and working with diverse community. I plan to apply to master’s PA programs in Nor Cal area this year. Any advice? joseph
  2. Hello, I plan to apply this summer to PA programs in California and some in other states. The university I attend doesn’t send out diplomas until August and the official transcripts won’t reflect the bachelor’s degree earned until August also. When I apply on CASPA this summer, will I experience trouble because I won’t have transcripts with degree shown or diploma? There is an opportunity to get a degree verification which shows the student earned bachelor’s degree before diploma is sent or official transcripts reflect degree earned. Does anybody know how I could use this degree verification when applying to show I have earned my degree? Can I submit the degree verification? Any general advice for me? Thank you, J
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