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  1. The questions portion of the application was the supplemental. I believe paying the fee is the task after submitting primary/supplemental application. In short, just pay the fee.
  2. I submitted around 06/10 and turned in the supplemental fee around 06/24
  3. Would you mind sharing dates of submission and initial screening being passed?
  4. Submitted to MBKU 06/24 App received 06/30
  5. I hope your other school choices give you a chance!
  6. I just called today because I saw people talking about supplemental fees on this page. I missed the supplemental fee. /: When did you turn your supplemental fee in? Any interview response after?
  7. Did anybody else send in their application without their supplemental application fee? I’m sending in the cashier’s check today. Hopefully my application is processed quickly despite being turned in mid-June.
  8. Hi, There are many variables that will determine how challenging PA school will be for you. I think that if you work hard, then you can do it.
  9. Hello, Please review my stats and tell me what you think of the list of schools I’m applying to without taking the GRE. Undergraduate Degree - Molecular and Cell Biology from University of California, Berkeley GPA - 3.63 Science GPA - 3.43 Intermediate in Spanish BLS and EMT certified COVID-19 Response with state of California - 500 hours ED Scribe - 160 hours Caregiver - 2000 hours EMT - 1000 hours Various volunteering - 1000 hours Intensive Care Unit Volunteer - 750 hours Wet Lab Research- 400 hours PA Shadowing - 120 hours Substitute Teacher - 800 hours *I have a good personal statement essay and good letters of recommendation. So far, I’ve applied to Drexel, Pacific University in Oregon, Western, Dominican of California, Stanford, University of Pacific, Charles R. drew, Point Loma Nazarene University, Touro CA, and Yale Online. I plan to also apply to Marshall b Ketchum, AT Still university central coast (if it opens), cal Baptist, Samuel Merritt, EVMS, and University of Tampa
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