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  1. I encourage you all to be patient because it was only six days ago that the last interview was done. It was said by Dr. Forrest said that the admissions notifications would be completed after about two to three weeks.
  2. Congratulations! I think we were in the same group. I was the male. Do you work in Mission?
  3. They already told you that you’ve been admitted?!?!
  4. Has anyone gotten interview invites for October or November dates?
  5. Submitted and verified 6/20 received supp app invite 09/05
  6. I’m currently reading sycamore row by John Grisham. I’d recommend it.
  7. I also received an email stating my application was received and was being reviewed. My app was submitted and verified 6/20.
  8. Is anybody who’s interviewing on sep 9 8:30 am wanting to ride together from Bay Area/ sac area to Salinas on sep 8 and get an Airbnb or motel? I think I’m going to stay in Salinas area sep 8 because Drive from Bay Area could be 2.5 hours maybe 3 with traffic and I don’t want to get up early and risk showing up late. Feel free to respond to this comment or pm me if interested.
  9. Hello, I am very grateful that I have received an invitation to interview. What should I wear? Joemonkey
  10. I’d be down to ride with you. I’ll message you.
  11. Oops I misread this I’m actually interviewing sept 9,sorry
  12. Hello, CSUMB has been moved to accredited schools section. Previous content seems to have been lost. I’m starting a new topic. I submitted my app for Csumb around 6/13. I have not heard back yet. A few days ago I spoke with Candi, an academic advisor for CSUMB PA program. She was very friendly and said that applications are currently under review and applicants will be notified soon or by September. have a nice weekend, Joemonkey
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