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  1. I made a FB group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/398904064893520 Try joining if you’d like and if you have trouble, add me on fb and I think I could add you to the group.
  2. Where are you getting 50% chance admission from?
  3. Last year, interviews were ~06/26-07/01 and admissions decisions made around 07/03. This year, the faculty say admissions decisions will arrive around 07/09-07/16.
  4. Congrats to those getting invites. See you there!
  5. I think we will hear back as soon as this week. Enjoy!
  6. According to a CSUMB MSPA advisor, invites to interview won’t be sent until June.
  7. My EMT class instructor wrote one of my LORs and I’ve been accepted to programs.
  8. Im not sure but I think they’ll be in June with acceptances in early July.
  9. Accepted yesterday afternoon after interviewing yesterday morning
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