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  1. Anybody think I should still apply to this school this late?
  2. Applying close to the deadline might detriment your chance at admission because this is a school that uses rolling admissions. Applying before the deadline might also get you admitted.
  3. I also submitted supplemental around sep 16. I think that we are going to hear back soon about invitations to nov and dec interviews.
  4. They are not done sending invites for interviews. I think there are two interview dates in November and one in December. Please be patient.
  5. Anybody reluctant about attending this school because of probationary status? Why pay thousands of dollars to get degree from potential non-accredited school? Is there loan reimbursement by school if they lose accreditation?
  6. I encourage you all to be patient because it was only six days ago that the last interview was done. It was said by Dr. Forrest said that the admissions notifications would be completed after about two to three weeks.
  7. Congratulations! I think we were in the same group. I was the male. Do you work in Mission?
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