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  1. Accepted yesterday afternoon after interviewing yesterday morning
  2. They take seriously the requirements for admission. I’ve spoken with an admissions advisor at CSUMB who said the school receives many applications without completed requirements. I believe those apps are automatically rejected. I’d suggest saving your money.
  3. It would not be fair for those who have interviewed or others who will interview for you to have the advantage of anticipating what the interview will be like beyond what the program has already told you.
  4. Yeah i'm sure a position w AMR would prepare for a job as ER tech. Just depends how you look at it... Thank you for your insight.
  5. Hello, which is better experience for PA school? EMT w AMR: 911 gig seeing all sorts of patients in busy 911 system in CA COVID facility: ive been doing this work as an EMT/medical technician for almost a year, and I’m comfortable w it now. Working w lots of covid patients who are receiving up to 15 LPM, covid drugs like decadron, remdesivir, helping w ADLs, initiating oxygen therapy, etc. I believe the EMT w AMR would be better experience because I’d see a greater variety of pts. It would involve a huge pay cut but money isn’t the objective here, experience is. I
  6. I believe CCPA Program will inform its applicants of acceptances by phone and non-acceptances by email, similar to most other PA programs.
  7. Has anyone received an email from Canvas regarding an assignment about evaluations? I cannot login to Canvas and view the assignment...
  8. Numerous applicants have private messaged me, seeking insight regarding the modules and interviews. Each time someone asks about these processes, I encourage their success on the modules and interviews without providing details about those steps. It would be unfair if those people seeking insight were given details and the opportunity to further prepare for the modules and interviews when others, such as myself, were not given the same chances. Also, I believe there is a non-disclosure agreement regarding the modules and interviews for those who have completed those steps. I hope that, when ap
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