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2020 emailed update from Program Director (COVID update)

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First off, I am most definitely NOT the program director. However, I am still on the NAU PA program distro list...(seemingly can't get off despite getting a big ol' rejection 😕). Nevertheless, figured I would share for those who may be considering NAU for 2020 and are panicking about what to do and what might change.

This was sent out yesterday:


We hope this email finds you well and healthy. At the NAU PA program, we continue to work diligently on our contingency plans to carry out both didactic and clinical education. Our didactic students continue to take coursework exclusively online and our clinical year students are serving Arizona as frontline providers throughout the state. Should you be acquainted with any of our clinical year students, please take time to thank them for their important contributions in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Two weeks ago, NAU PA faculty discussed provisions potentially needed to accommodate applicants for the upcoming admissions cycle that opens later this month of April. Amongst the discussed items were the following policies: application deadlines, letter grade requirement for prerequisite coursework, letters of recommendation, and health care experience. A contingency plan was formulated and approved by the admissions committee for accommodations to the letter grade requirement for prerequisite coursework. The policy may be found attached to this email. For your convenience, we have already placed the policy online on our website on both the Admissions and the FAQs pages. All application deadlines will remain effective. All letters of recommendation requirements will remain effective. The minimum 500 hours of health care experience will remain effective.

Thank you for your interest and support of our program. Please stay safe and stay home as much as possible.  

Here's a link (in case they change the policy) from the NAU site directly about the letter grade requirement- https://nau.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/146/NAU-PA-Prerequisite-Contingency-Plan.pdf

Hope this helps ease some anxiety. Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

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