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  1. They aren't rolling admissions, so don't even start looking at stuff until the close date. Good things come to those who wait
  2. Well, bummer. Didn't get the check but still under review. Congrats to all!
  3. I know this is super old, but I am also interested. Did anyone by chance PM you directly w/ info? Anyone else since completed one? If so, can you share about what sort of PA studetn you were (top of the class? middle of the pack?) as I'm trying to figure out if it'll be worth my time applying if I'm not at the top of my class (I'm a middle-of-the-pack kinda student, it seems)
  4. If anyone sees their "credit check", can you please post here so we know to also look for ours? I know the PA #s are low but hopefully at least one...or many more(!) get it this year! GLTA!
  5. Have you gotten any DMed feedback? This is one of the hard things about PA (and other competitive programs) - no one feels comfortable putting their program on blast. I've been able to get people at most programs I interviewed at or received acceptances at to say a few bad things (eg realistic - NO program is perfect and anyone who says so I won't believe much they say) about their school and others. But I had to work to find those people who would be open and honest.
  6. First off, I am most definitely NOT the program director. However, I am still on the NAU PA program distro list...(seemingly can't get off despite getting a big ol' rejection ). Nevertheless, figured I would share for those who may be considering NAU for 2020 and are panicking about what to do and what might change. This was sent out yesterday: Here's a link (in case they change the policy) from the NAU site directly about the letter grade requirement- https://nau.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/146/NAU-PA-Prerequisite-Contingency-Plan.pdf Hope this helps ease some anxiety. Sta
  7. Got this in email yesterday: Free Category 1 CMEs! From John Bielinski, PA-C and owner of American Medical Seminars: “Thank you. To my medical colleagues, physicians, NPs and PAs, EMS, nurses. Thank you! Keep fighting a good fight. Please allow us to offer you free category 1 CME. There is now a coupon code on American Medical Seminars called “Hero2020.” This is for your use to ear
  8. MA jobs are most often found in clinics. Most clinics are your standard M-F 8-5 kind of gig. So yes, that would most likely be very difficult. CNA is better bet for evening/night/weekend availability in nursing home setting (good) or hospital (best). What's a CCMA program? Certified MA? You don't need a certification for MA, plus you're wasting a LOT of time doing that instead of earning PCE hours.
  9. Uh...I'm pretty sure anyone in the PA world knows of Doane offering primarily online coursework to pre-PA/pre-med level students.
  10. I think you hit this nail on the head - it looks like all of us (self included) that got rejections just recently all were rejected without interviews. Good point of hope for those who interviewed without any response yet...hopefully for you all waiting
  11. Respectfully, I am glad it's difficult to gain admissions to in careers where you have a very huge impact on people's lives and well-being. That said, it IS very difficult to get into PA school, and for good reason. If you cannot earn a decent score on the TOEFL, you probably should not be practicing in English. There are a few PA schools elsewhere but in general, the PA profession is an American invention, and the availability of programs reflects that. I am sure you are a good clinician with all your experience, but you'll need to, at minimum, improve your English so that you can earn a good
  12. The program was "full" when we interviewed. A few that I know of who were on waitlist got offers as accepted students updated Marist on their decision to attend elsewhere. You should've heard back quite quickly after interviewing...or at least I and others did of our waitlist (and then acceptance offers) status.
  13. Because I found prior year's threads helpful, just wanted to say I'll be going to RMU. I was originally 18th on the waitlist. There's plenty of time for those higher up on the waitlist to get in.. the second deposit is due March 6, 2020, so I'd expect a few others may get their call shortly after that. Don't give up hope, folks!
  14. Hmm... yeah. Schools make it really obvious when they have interview dates, and generally last pick people who meet all standards but who they aren't interested in won't find out a firm rejection without interview usually much later (when interviews are done, when the cohort begins or sometimes, never). What schools have you heard that send flat-out rejections when you meet all criteria but have not been selected for an interview?
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