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  1. Thanks for sharing! Hoping to add myself to that list of accepted students after my interview next week
  2. Only a prospective student, not a current student, but my understanding was that rotations for RMU are national, not necessarily local. That's one of the negatives of the program in my personal opinion (may well be a positive for others!) and why I'm strongly considering another acceptance. I love the mountains, the school, the faculty, the people I interviewed with, etc, but I also want to minimize moving/transportation costs by going to a school with much more local rotation sites. PS congrats on multiple acceptances!!!
  3. Is there a facebook group created like past years? as a super late applicant/interviewer, I'm curious if anyone can tell me how many students are in the group (so I can gauge approximately how many spots remain). Thanks!
  4. Yay, late applicants unite! Congrats to you! I will send you a DM if you'd like to connect
  5. I just received an interview invitation for January 10. As I mentioned above, I was a VERY late applicant, October 18. I think it took a bit longer even for my GRE scores to get into. Anyone else scheduled for Jan 10? I'd love to potentially meet up (though I am coming from the West coast and don't have my timing to arrival/departure worked out quite yet).
  6. I didn't know the school's reputation, but I visited the campus the first week of July and they literally had nothing to show me as far as the program's existence. Even the program coordinator / secretary was on her first day (in July! for a program interviewing that month I think). It was just so...weird. Especially compared with the other 2 area programs. I don't have anywhere as much insight as you do, but I wholeheartedly agree. I just got such an unsettling feeling from the whole visit. It sucks so, so bad for everyone that was planning on attending. I hope everyone quickly gets their money back and has alternate plans. Everyone's probably been googling like crazy, but here's another local SLC-area article: https://www.ksl.com/article/46669053/physician-assistant-program-at-utah-valley-denied-accreditation-future-unclear
  7. Just got an email from Cecile Pryor stating that approximately 20-25 students are taken off the waitlist each year. Don't give up hope!
  8. So eagerly (and kinda patiently) awaiting this next 'soon' Waitlisted as well. Excited for those who got full acceptances, and for those of us who received waitlists. Stay strong
  9. Good luck to everyone interviewing today! And good luck to all those waiting to hear back in the next few days!!
  10. You don't say so, but if you hadn't put down a deposit on School A, would you still be trying to make the decision like this?
  11. I would also chime in DUKE (OMGGGGG DUKE!). It has such an amazing reputation and history, and the COL differences (even factoring in moving + transportation costs) to me would outweigh the modest difference in tuition. One thing to keep in mind is a 1.5 hour drive is still pretty significant, considering the time demands you'll be under during PA school. You don't mention, but are the programs the same length or have the same ending time? In other words, at what month/year would you be eligible to take and pass (of course!) the PANCE? If one is significantly sooner than the other, that has a monetary value as well since you'll be able to start earning money sooner. There's something to be said for making connections that could lead to jobs after school, but that's something you actually work to begin fostering now in your home state/city. This is coming from a pre-PA who is down to decision time as well, so my opinion likely carries less weight than someone who is practicing or a PA-S. Best of luck as you decide - it's a wonderful position to be able to choose which school you will ultimately attend!
  12. Indeed, it does! Considering your dates, I'm a REAAAALLY late applicant Best of luck!
  13. Congrats to those who received acceptances! So exciting! Do you intend to accept?
  14. Hi! I am interviewing the same date. I will send you a PM to connect!! EDIT to add: the forum won't let me send PMs for 72 more hours (huh?). So, please feel free to send me one as I'd love to connect with those who are also interviewing on October 28! Good luck, everyone!
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