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  1. I think you hit this nail on the head - it looks like all of us (self included) that got rejections just recently all were rejected without interviews. Good point of hope for those who interviewed without any response yet...hopefully for you all waiting
  2. Respectfully, I am glad it's difficult to gain admissions to in careers where you have a very huge impact on people's lives and well-being. That said, it IS very difficult to get into PA school, and for good reason. If you cannot earn a decent score on the TOEFL, you probably should not be practicing in English. There are a few PA schools elsewhere but in general, the PA profession is an American invention, and the availability of programs reflects that. I am sure you are a good clinician with all your experience, but you'll need to, at minimum, improve your English so that you can earn a good score on the TOEFL to be considered. Best of luck.
  3. The program was "full" when we interviewed. A few that I know of who were on waitlist got offers as accepted students updated Marist on their decision to attend elsewhere. You should've heard back quite quickly after interviewing...or at least I and others did of our waitlist (and then acceptance offers) status.
  4. Because I found prior year's threads helpful, just wanted to say I'll be going to RMU. I was originally 18th on the waitlist. There's plenty of time for those higher up on the waitlist to get in.. the second deposit is due March 6, 2020, so I'd expect a few others may get their call shortly after that. Don't give up hope, folks!
  5. Hmm... yeah. Schools make it really obvious when they have interview dates, and generally last pick people who meet all standards but who they aren't interested in won't find out a firm rejection without interview usually much later (when interviews are done, when the cohort begins or sometimes, never). What schools have you heard that send flat-out rejections when you meet all criteria but have not been selected for an interview?
  6. Hi! If you submitted your application 3 weeks ago that is considered extremely late in the 2019-2020 cycle! I'm not sure they were even planning to do any more interviews than were already scheduled (but I could be mistaken).
  7. I'm just a lowly about-to-start-PA-school gal, but have been following this since it'll definitely impact me! Thank you to those of you who are leading the charge and who care!! The MCP thing hasn't stuck out to me yet in a good way, until now. LOVE the CMP Certified Medical Practitioner. And yes, agree, no "ass"ing allowed
  8. Same here. Unfortunately when it comes to PA applications, I've come to learn that no news is not good news haha. Oh well, I wish everyone who has or had interviews the best of luck. I'm sure I'll get getting an emailed rejection without interview eventually
  9. I received an email this afternoon that I'm on the waitlist. Not sure if anyone from the 1/10 interview received actual acceptances due to the # of students current in the upcoming cohort. As we all know, the waitlist is not ranked, so that waiting game begins. If anyone received an actual acceptance, please let us know! In an effort to give back to the PA Forum and for those who took the time to share their experiences in past years, here is a small summary from my experience: NOTE: We did sign an NDA and information/photo release at the beginning of the interview day (day is a bit of a misnomer, we were there from 7:15 until around noon, at which time I *think* another group was coming in for another interview). There were approximately 14 of us in the interview, mostly from NY or the immediate area but a few folks were from out of state. The group also skewed (from first glance) to be quite young or at least only a few years post-bacc. What I think I can share for future students this cycle and future cycles (I hate signing an NDA that I don't have a copy of, BTW!) - Facilities are really stunning. It seems mostly shared with PT students but is truly state-of-the-art and MASSIVE. - Student parking is FREE and right next to the building. Huge plus! - One faculty member mentioned specifically that they are really getting their stride in utilizing all the fancy tech (manikins, eg) into the PA curriculum, and I think that is very exciting! - They have a very formalized remediation process, involving the student, course instructor, advisor, and program director. - The vast majority of the staff/faculty seemed to be involved in the morning's activities, and I really appreciated this. Everyone seemed very open and enthusiastic about the program. - I was a bit disappointed that we did not have more time with current students. I guess that's one of the benefits of longer interview days, since all others I've been to included a lunch time where we were free to eat and chat with current students. - Students are assigned a faculty advisor and will have a "big" assigned from the class ahead of you. They did not say the faculty to student advisor ratio. - The Director seems really sharp and dedicated, plus quite experienced with new and/or struggling programs (not to say this is a struggling program - just that this is a skill/mindset that is a huge boon to fledgling programs). - I had about 1000 more questions and the shorter time frame made it difficult to ask, especially about rotations. - Deposit for program acceptance is required within 10 days of acceptance notification. Hope that helps! Good luck to all!
  10. For the general new-to-PA others on the forum, any chance you could elaborate publicly on this thread on what makes it a bad offer (besides that has already been stated)? It would be much appreciated!
  11. Hi everyone, I just wanted to say to everyone in the AM interview session - you all were a blast, so much fun, smart, accomplished, and just all around cool people. Special thanks for explaining to me geography and more about the region - I loved this school, and I hope we all get in! Shoot me a message if you'd like to keep in touch (assuming we haven't connected already). Hope for safe travels home / to next interviews for all!
  12. Is there a facebook group created like past years? as a super late applicant/interviewer, I'm curious if anyone can tell me how many students are in the group (so I can gauge approximately how many spots remain). Thanks!
  13. Yay, late applicants unite! Congrats to you! I will send you a DM if you'd like to connect
  14. I just received an interview invitation for January 10. As I mentioned above, I was a VERY late applicant, October 18. I think it took a bit longer even for my GRE scores to get into. Anyone else scheduled for Jan 10? I'd love to potentially meet up (though I am coming from the West coast and don't have my timing to arrival/departure worked out quite yet).
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