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Balancing School and Work?

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Hi everyone! 

I am 23-years old, and I am graduating this semester and currently have a cumulative 3.9 GPA and graduating w/a degree in Health Sciences. Earning this GPA and maintaining it is difficult. I do not have any PCE hours, as I recently decided this is somethingI wanted to pursue (only thing I have is a phlebotomy certificate, I have not taken the certification exam yet because testing centers have closed due to the current COVID-19 outbreak). I do know I will need to take one more year of pre-requisite courses before applying to PA school (two biology courses and two organic chemistry classes). I have completed two chemistry courses, one biology course, two psychology courses (intro to psych, human develpment), anatomy, physiology, drug addiction, and currently taking Microbiology, Statistics. I need to take Organic Chemistry courses but I fear taking it and working at same time as a phlebotomist. I heard this class is notoriously difficult. How do you balance accumulating PCE hours and excelling in academics? I am probably being overprotective, but hearing how some schools receive >1,500+ applications and only accept a class pool size of <30 is daunting. I know many of you went through same fears as me, I just need some advice. Thank you! 

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One thing you know how to do and excel at is “school”. 

I’m going to make a few assumptions: 

-getting great grades is a priority for you

-you have good organizational skills

-you have good study habits and know how to prioritize 

You can’t graduate with a 3.9gpa without these skills. Unless chemistry is a huge struggle for you, trust yourself to figure out the balance between school/work. Hang in there!

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