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Low sGPA? Advice?

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What do you do when you want to be in the medical field and are not good at science? I thought  with enough work, study, more study, tutoring that  I could do it, but alas history has just about proven that to be false at this point.

I'm a junior 20 years old  Pre-Med program and sucking! cGPA 3.82 sGPA 3.10 (essentially straight B's) and I don't see that changing.

When I graduate next year assuming the same GPA (I assume it will be the same) I already have a AAS degree, this will be a BS Biology, minor Chemistry, minor math (straight A's in math) with around 400 shadowing/volunteer hours.

Has anyone been admitted to PA school with such a low sGPA in this day and age? Not 2010 or similar assuming I get paid working hours (I'm also a CMA) to around 750 hours by application time?

At the core the issue is science I feel like I understand it until I take a test or final and then bam I get a B...…..bums me out all of MY premed friends are killing it which doesn't make this any easier. 

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An undergrad pathophysiology class is as close to PA school as you probably can get. The big question isn't if you can get in but if you can be successful.

Nothing wrong with some Bs but you sound like you have problems taking tests. That is something that you can do something about. You might want to go to you "student success center" or whatever your school calls it.

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