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Becoming a PA through Air Force ROTC

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I'm currently a sophomore in high school interested in becoming a PA. I'm thinking about doing ROTC to pay for schooling and for job opportunities, but I'm not sure how the timeline works out. I plan on doing Running Start, so would I immediately start ROTC in my junior yea of high school? Then, when I graduate and finish with my bachelor's, how do I apply for PA school? The school I'd like to go to (UW MEDEX) requires at least two years of medical experience. Can I gain this by working as an EMT or something else through the Air Force with my ROTC commitment? Then will I go back to PA school and serve more to pay for it, or does the Air Force have some other sort of training for PAs? I'm really confused, guidance would be much appreciated.


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You could gain the medical experience working as an EMT in college. You'll be an officer in the Air Force if you complete ROTC so they arent going to make you an EMT. Easiest thing you could do is call the ROTC program and ask how that would work given your end goal, but I doubt there is an option to guarantee you PA training through ROTC. Air Force may be different, but Army awards career fields based on merit (grades, ROTC grads, summer training performance, etc), so you have to put in the work before you know what the Air Force has planned for you.

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