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Becoming a PA through Air Force ROTC

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I'm currently a sophomore in high school interested in becoming a PA. I'm thinking about doing ROTC to pay for schooling and for job opportunities, but I'm not sure how the timeline works out. I plan on doing Running Start, so would I immediately start ROTC in my junior yea of high school? Then, when I graduate and finish with my bachelor's, how do I apply for PA school? The school I'd like to go to (UW MEDEX) requires at least two years of medical experience. Can I gain this by working as an EMT or something else through the Air Force with my ROTC commitment? Then will I go back to PA school and serve more to pay for it, or does the Air Force have some other sort of training for PAs? I'm really confused, guidance would be much appreciated.


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You could gain the medical experience working as an EMT in college. You'll be an officer in the Air Force if you complete ROTC so they arent going to make you an EMT. Easiest thing you could do is call the ROTC program and ask how that would work given your end goal, but I doubt there is an option to guarantee you PA training through ROTC. Air Force may be different, but Army awards career fields based on merit (grades, ROTC grads, summer training performance, etc), so you have to put in the work before you know what the Air Force has planned for you.

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    • By winstonetwo
      I found some old post about this topic but only a few people were involved and it was from quite a few years back. I thought I'd bring it up again for more clarification for all.
      Looking for suggestions on how to/ how you enter military experience into CASPA.  What are your thoughts on dividing all of that up between medical and non-medical experience, training and schools, deployment vs. garrison, leadership roles, and awards? Did you add past certs that have since lapsed? Should it be broken down by each duty station or each title? Also, how did you quantify the number of hours and should it be one lump sum or divided up? Any thoughts would helpful.
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      Hello all,
      First time posting here. I am currently a PA-S2 with an expected graduation date of July 2020. I’m unsure about my career after graduating from PA School, and was wondering about any benefits that may come with joining the military after I become certified. Any and all information regarding life/work in specific branches is greatly appreciated as I have no information on the topic as of now.
      Thank you!
    • By NickSniff
      I am a Biology/Pre-PA major Junior in college. I am in ROTC and participate in many extracurricular within ROTC, so I am ranked well. I am looking for advice on my chances for getting into PA school. I don't have many preferences for a PA school, my life dream has just always been to save lives within the medical field. At the time of applying for PA school I will have a 3.1-3.3 GPA, around 1000 hours as an ED medical scribe, and I worked as a pharmacy technician for a year. 
      Most of my credibility outside of my GPA is ROTC which takes up a decent chunk of time which I am hoping will say something for my application. I have yet to take the GRE but plan on doing well since I will need the extra buff. I also attended basic camp and advanced camp if that helps my application at all.
      What are my chances for getting into PA school and is there any advice that I can be given for my future success in the medical field. Thank you.
      Very Respectfully,
    • By buechleink
      So I am 22 years old and I am just starting my education towards an eventual career as a Physician's Assistant. My husband will be getting out of the military (marines) in October of next year, so I have been looking more into the military, myself, as an option to aid in my pursuance of said career. However, I am not sure if it is a viable option as of yet. I have just been recently certified to work as an EMT-B in the state of North Carolina and I am currently working on my paramedic. I have some college credits, but I do not have my bachelors degree.
      So my question is: 
      Is is possible for me to join the air force, and in doing so, get my bachelors degree and acquire all of the prerequisite courses needed for a PA program? IPAP has been mentioned to me before, but I do not entirely understand the process or all of what it entails. Any and all information pertaining to this topic is welcome. I am in the dark when it comes to the college process, and even more so when looking into the military. And I don't know exactly what to ask recruiters in regards to my particular situation. 
      Thank you!
    • By lydiamc
      I'm a first time applicant and I will be applying this next rotation in 2017. My first choice would be to go to UW MEDEX and I'm wondering what my chances are. 
      Undergrad: Oregon State University; Major: BioHealth Sciences, all of my pre-reqs are met through my major. Minor in psychology. 
                         Overall GPA: 3.5; Science GPA: 3.52
      HCE: I'm an uncertified paid medical assistant in a ear, nose, throat and allergy clinic. My duties are broad and can go from giving allergy shots, assisting the doctor in procedures, taking vitals and medical histories, translating for spanish speaking patients to finishing patient's charts and sending medications. My hours by the application deadline will be 2000. 
      Volunteering: My volunteer experience mainly consists of volunteering at a free medical clinic in my town. I volunteer as a medical assistant, translator for spanish speaking patients, and receptionist. I volunteer at this clinic about three times a month. ~108 hours a year. 
      GRE: 150 Verbal, 154 Quantitative, 4 Analytical
      Letters of Rec: 
      1) The doctor I work for. 
      2) My anatomy and physiology professor at OSU. 
      3) The dean of pharmacology at OHSU (my previous boss) 
      I'm 22 and I am an Oregon resident. I have a history of working as a student researcher at OHSU. 
      I also had some other questions along with my chances of getting into UW MEDEX. 
      1) How much does the GRE matter for UW MEDEX? 
      2) How much does it matter being a non-Washington resident applying to UW MEDEX? 
      3) I'm also applying to OHSU, Pacific, and was wondering about my chances there as well. 
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