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Chances for Rutgers PA Program

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Hi everyone! 

I am applying this 2020 cycle to Rutgers PA Program in order to start PA school in the fall 2021. I am applying one year early (as a sophomore) for PA school because I am in the 3+3 with NJIT and Rutgers and I was wondering what my chances are for getting in. My GPA was great freshman year (4.0) but this semester it took a hit. Currently my GPA is a 3.83 and my science GPA is a 3.78. With everything else, do I have a chance of being interviewed/accepted? What can I do to improve my application. 

GPA: 3.83

Science GPA: 3.78


Patient Contact

EMT-B (400 hours) --(over 500 by the time of applications)

Nurse Assistant (Hemotology Office) (80 hours)

This upcoming summer Physical Therapist Aide and Scribing



Global Brigades (international service trip) (50 patient care/400 non-patient care)

Rutgers University Hospital Trauma and Emergency Room (240 hours)

Nursing Home volunteer (200 hours)

Local Hospital Volunteering (100 hours)



Scholars Program with Rutgers University 

Research with the Cancer Institute at Rutgers University


PA Shadowing (300 hours)


CPR/BLS Instructor with American Heart Association 


I have a lot of non-clinical/non-healthcare work as well but I don't think it's helpful to mention here. 


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