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Pulmonology/fj cruiser

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two quick ones for anyone who might have anything to say....


1. pulmonary medicine-was offered a job in this field doing floor and icu pulmonary consults. 20-25 patients a day. Mix between new consults and followups. See all the patients myself after two months training and if I have a question I can go over the case with a doc. Seems like a good setup, I think? Anybody ever work in pulm or have some insight into the field and/or this type of job setup?


2. Toyota fj cruiser- hated it when it first came out but has really grown on me. Don't know about being worth 35k though. That's almost 4runner territory. I'd hate to buy this thing then regret in later. Like this girl in high school I once....


Thanks for any input on either point.

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Don't know about pulm, but I had an fj cruiser. I didn't like them at first either because of looks. Though later i checked one out. LOVED it. Had to sell it later for financial reasons, but it drive like a dream, had almost the same torque as a v8 tundra, limited slip disc was a life saver, and the materials on the interior were top notch and very durable. Only 2 complaints was I didn't get the 4x4 and blind spots. I did have rear differential lock which was nice. It also came with a parking sensor to help in reverse.


I would get another one right now if I could, and plan on doing so as soon as I can.

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