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Post-interview Anxiety

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I had an interview today at my dream school and just wanted some input. There was an essay portion which I am absolutely confident I nailed. We also had 3 separate interviews: one with a faculty member, one with a community PA, and one with a student. I am very confident that I hit the student and faculty interviews out of the park, but the local PA interview was the only one that left me questioning myself. It was scheduled to be a 30 minute interview, but it only lasted 17 min, and the other applicants were still in their interviews when I had left the room. The whole conversation felt amazing and like I was saying all the right things. She told me she was the board member of a PA organization event that I attended and she asked me about my experience at the event, and I felt like I answered all of the ethical and curveball questions without a hitch. I was just shocked when she said "those are all the questions I have for you, thank you for your time, and good luck", only 17 minuted into the interview. I'm not sure if I am getting too much into my head, or if this is genuine concern. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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I had a similar interview with scenarios.   Just a few minutes into the scenario evaluator stated : Scenario over.....thank you...well short of the time allotment.  She did proceed to talk with me, however unrelated to the scenario. 

Second scenario no emotion, body language or feedback.   Felt like I missed the mark cause could not read either of the evaluators.   I felt I did well, however without feedback or any indication from the evaluator - started second guessing my approach.

Three days later I received an acceptance call!  

Hang in there and good luck!

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