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Phych to Neuro

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Can anyone weigh in on how transitioning from outpatient psych to neuro would be when changing specialties? How would someone with psych experience compare to say a new graduate or someone with surgery/ family medicine back ground? While I love it, am worried that having chosen psych as my first career would have narrowed my future prospects. 

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I've spent most of my career in neurology. You know the two, psychiatry and neurology used to have the same boards. But with that said, I don't think the adjustment would be  harder or easier. You would bring some things to the table that those in surgery or FP wouldn't have and FP would bring some things to the table that you may not have. I don't see much advantage to having a surgery background unless it was neurosurgery. If it is your desire, you could navigate toward those disorders that have comorbidities of psych and neuro, such as dementia. I focused my career on headache, but also covered epilepsy, dementia, and a little stroke in my career.

Headache disorders has a lot in common with psych. Not that psychological issues cause the headaches (a bad sterotype) but because it, like psych, is a disorder without a lot of objective findings and requires a very good history, great listening, and a lot of chronic management (like mood disorders).

Neurology is such a broad area, if it were possible, I would pick 2-3 sub-specialties of neuro to focus on and try to know those very, very well.

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