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  1. Hi, Can anyone weigh in on how transitioning from outpatient psych to neuro would be when changing specialties? How would someone with psych experience compare to say a new graduate or someone with surgery/ family medicine back ground? While I love it, am worried that having chosen psych as my first career would have narrowed my future prospects.
  2. Definitely retake courses you did poorly in the first time around if they are pre-requisites. It may not replace your grades when CASPA calculates your GPA, but some programs will take the high grade when they are calculating their own "pre-req GPA"
  3. If you're dedicated to becoming PA, you'll find a way and 3 years is not an issue at all. If not, you'll find an excuse.
  4. Thank you, cop to pa. After discussing things with my fiance, I gave up my seat at Wake. It was a very difficult decision, but it'll work out better for the two of us.
  5. I interviewed back in October and just got an acceptance for Boone yesterday! I'm honestly feeling so torn right now between Wake and Rosalind. I told Wake they were my first choice back in October, but a lot has happened since then. Any current students willing to message me?
  6. I've been accepted to 4 schools! One of them was off the waitlist, so ya'll hang in there!
  7. You're going to need to take at least a few years to improve your application. Get a masters in stable field if you want another career to be your backup plan. Retake courses while working in something other than scribing, something that is actually patient contact, if you are determined to be a PA. It's going to take a LOT of extra coursework and time to raise that GPA 0.3 or 0.4 points, but you can do it. I've interviewed at UTwouthestern and Texas Tech this round and I'm not going to lie, while scribing may be considered, it is not going to cut it when you're competing against applicants with 3.6s and 3000 hours of say working as a neurophysiology or cardiac technician. You should look into Our Lady of the Lake's program in LA
  8. I was accepted this morning as well, but plan to give up my spot for another program.
  9. Take it. You never know what may happen - you might find yourself having to apply more broadly to other programs not currently on your interest list. Study hard as it will only increase your options in the future.
  10. 3.4 is not bad at all, i currently hold 3 acceptances and only have a 3.3. I made up for it with pretty interesting health care experiences and a few publications as I also did research during undergrad.
  11. I second that, I don't have outstanding pre-requisites and have yet to hear back from 10/26.
  12. For those on the waitlist, I'm giving up my seat for another program! Best of wishes to you!
  13. I worked as an analyst making over 60k (i know it's not a lot, but for a new undergrad graduate, it was pretty good) for a while before eventually quitting and taking a healthcare job that pays half in order to attain my health care experience hours. I don't regret it at all.
  14. Of course you have a fighting chance! My advice is figure out if this is really what you want and commit to it, no one foot in one foot out business. Are you in a financial situation where you can, after you obtain your CNA,work and live off a full-time CNA salary?
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