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$115K in NYC. What do you guys think??

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City: NYC

Years of practice: 4 (four)

Specialty:  Emergency Med.

Salary: $115, 480

OT: $84/hr

Shift: 36 hrs/week = 1 work week (= 3 days of work + 4 days off)

CME: $3,000

Match: 6% (403b), vested after 3 years.

PTO: 230 hrs/year (included sick days and time off) ; that is 6.33 calendar weeks.

CME time: 7 days 

Benefit: dental, vision, medical.

Malpractice: covered

Opportunity for OT: plenty

Schedule: mix day, evening and overnight with evening and overnight shift differential. 



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Clarification on vacation days and differential pay
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1 hour ago, AbeTheBabe said:

Don't know what the market is like in NYC, but that's not bad. 115K at 36 hours per week is 61.69/hour and the benefits look good as long as the medical coverage is good. 230 hours of PTO with 12 hour days = 19 days. I would personally try to get a $5-10/hour differential for nights though.

Yes, I forgot to mention, there is an evening  and night differential.


230hrs / 36hrs = 6.33 work weeks.

Because the max hrs we can work a calendar week are 36,  a 36hrs vaca is translated into 7 calendar days.  

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