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Low Analytical Writing

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I just took the GRE 2 weeks ago. I had a combined 316 (Verbal: 153, Quantitative: 163), but my writing score was only 3.5 (40th percentile). Do you think it is worth retaking the entire GRE to get a better analytical writing score? I felt like I am capable of getting a better score, in fact I thought I deserved a better score (I believe I had good flow/organization/reasoning and little to no errors). I am happy with the other two scores, so they are not indicators to retake the test. 

Note: I am applying next cycle, hopefully in May or early June 2020. Until then, I am completing a senior thesis, presenting at a conference, completing two full semesters of classes, working 2 jobs, and planning a wedding for September 2020. So I am already stretched pretty thin. If my current Writing GRE score is acceptable, I would prefer to not retake the GRE. 

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