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  1. Yes I'm applying. I'm from out of state. Does anyone have any recommendations for which campus I should apply to?
  2. Hello all, I am an undergraduate student who is going to graduate in April 2020. I am planning on applying to PA school immediately after I graduate, so next cycle. I currently have a list of about 7 schools that I would like apply to. All of them are in the Ohio/Michigan Region. However, I have recently felt some anxiety about my application profile, so I want to add more schools to the list to improve my chances of being accepted somewhere. I am interested in schools in the south/Atlantic region of the country, but there are way too many programs for me to filter through. My two main concerns are my clinical experience and age (22/23 at time of matriculation if I got accepted in my first year of applications). If I keep this same pace, at the time of application I will have about 1500 hours as a medical scribe and about 800 hours as a CNA. I am aware that medical scribes are looked down on by many programs. I have already filtered out the local programs that don't approve of medical scribes. But one thing I do have working for me is my GPA, which is a 3.96. So if anybody is aware of programs that are more likely to accept students that are 1) Freshly graduated/on the young side 2) Without strong clinical experiences and 3) have high GPAs, could you please mention the schools in the comments. Thank you guys so much.
  3. Did you apply to the 2 year or 3 year program? Also, do you mind sharing your stats?
  4. I just took the GRE 2 weeks ago. I had a combined 316 (Verbal: 153, Quantitative: 163), but my writing score was only 3.5 (40th percentile). Do you think it is worth retaking the entire GRE to get a better analytical writing score? I felt like I am capable of getting a better score, in fact I thought I deserved a better score (I believe I had good flow/organization/reasoning and little to no errors). I am happy with the other two scores, so they are not indicators to retake the test. Note: I am applying next cycle, hopefully in May or early June 2020. Until then, I am completing a senior thesis, presenting at a conference, completing two full semesters of classes, working 2 jobs, and planning a wedding for September 2020. So I am already stretched pretty thin. If my current Writing GRE score is acceptable, I would prefer to not retake the GRE.
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