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  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for how I should prepare for PA school? I am currently in the midst of a gap year, and I am set to begin PA school in August 2021, so I am more concerned with refreshing my memory rather than burn out. Any helpful YouTube videos/playlists would be great.
  2. I received my acceptance email last Friday! I interviewed on 10/20.
  3. I received an interview invite today. They will be doing it virtually.
  4. I recently got 2 invites for interviews. Both schools mentioned that there will be a timed essay section of the interview. I believe I’m a good writer if given time to outline and review. However, I have a shaky history of timed writing tests. Does anybody know what these essay sections usually consist of? What are some common questions? Thanks!
  5. Quantitative: 163 (82nd percentile) Verbal: 153 (60th) Writing: 3.5 (39th)
  6. I received the email around 1pm yesterday. I submitted my application late May or early June.
  7. I just received an interview invite from Marietta today. They are still unsure if they are doing it virtually or the traditional in-person interview set-up.
  8. I was contacted over email. I believe I submitted my CASPA application in late May or early June. They emailed the interview invite on 6/30.
  9. I received an interview invite for 9/12. They recently told me that it would be moved to an online format.
  10. Yes I'm applying. I'm from out of state. Does anyone have any recommendations for which campus I should apply to?
  11. Hello all, I am an undergraduate student who is going to graduate in April 2020. I am planning on applying to PA school immediately after I graduate, so next cycle. I currently have a list of about 7 schools that I would like apply to. All of them are in the Ohio/Michigan Region. However, I have recently felt some anxiety about my application profile, so I want to add more schools to the list to improve my chances of being accepted somewhere. I am interested in schools in the south/Atlantic region of the country, but there are way too many programs for me to filter through. My two
  12. Did you apply to the 2 year or 3 year program? Also, do you mind sharing your stats?
  13. I just took the GRE 2 weeks ago. I had a combined 316 (Verbal: 153, Quantitative: 163), but my writing score was only 3.5 (40th percentile). Do you think it is worth retaking the entire GRE to get a better analytical writing score? I felt like I am capable of getting a better score, in fact I thought I deserved a better score (I believe I had good flow/organization/reasoning and little to no errors). I am happy with the other two scores, so they are not indicators to retake the test. Note: I am applying next cycle, hopefully in May or early June 2020. Until then, I am completing a senior
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