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Withdraw and Repeated Courses

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Hi everyone ! I wanted your take on how to go about explaining a withdraw and repeated courses.  I withdrew from organic chemistry after getting diagnosed with anxiety.  I was doing well in the course. I thoroughly enjoyed orgo 1 (my favorite course in undergrad) and anticipated doing well in organic 2. However, more than halfway through the semester, my anxiety began to reflect on my test scores so I decided to withdraw instead of receiving a grade that wasnt to my liking. I'm not sure how to explain this without blaming my anixety. Since then, I've learned how to cope and find ways to reduce my anxiety so that it doesn't affect my academics. This was my only off semester in undergrad. 

I also retook Cell Biology and Immunology. I got passing grades in both but retook for higher grades. I got a C+ in cell biology and a C- in immunology the first time. I received a B+ in Cell biology and an A in immunology once I retook. I know I could've kept those letter grades but I knew the importance of those courses. I left the class not confident in the material and retook for both a better grade and to have a more solid understanding of the material. 


How do I explain my withdrawal without seeming like i'm blaming my anxiety? Thanks in advance!! 

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