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  1. Your stats are competitive! I would just make sure that your programs accept scribe as a patient care experience since some do not. Feel free to PM me your personal statement, I'll be happy to take a look at it!
  2. Hey! Are you from Boston? I know you didn't ask me the question directly but I was also accepted off the waitlist at MGH and decided to go with Quinnipiac !
  3. Hi everyone! I received an email this morning ~ 8am ET saying that I got pulled off the waitlist. I will not be giving my deposit since I've already been accepted to my top program. Hopefully this gives someone else a shot!
  4. I believe I applied back in June and it's been silence from them since yesterday. In the email it said to reply saying whether we would like to no longer be considered for interviews or confirm that we would like to be considered and to submit any additional hours or coursework that can be updated.
  5. Did anyone else get an email from Katie asking to confirm whether or not we still want to be considered for an interview? I got an email on Monday around 12pm
  6. I haven’t heard anything and I’m honestly not expecting anything either. I know that they over accepted in the last cycle (2018-19) and had to ask students to defer their enrollment for this year. They made it even more enticing by offering lower tuition to those that accepted the offer to start in 2020 instead of 2019. Therefore, I think they have less seats available than the usual for this year.
  7. If you have 2 acceptances and one is cheaper than the other and location doesn't matter, go with the cheaper option. You will come out as a PA anyways. No employer will pay you a higher salary as a new grad because you have more student loans.
  8. Sorry to hear that you won't be able to attend despite getting accepted. To answer your question, I personally did just that prior to applying and it worked for me. I completed about 2,500 hours of PCE. I worked for a year to obtain my patient care hours. An opportunity came up for me to work in another area of the hospital (mine was the same pay) but it wasn't direct patient care experience. I worked there leading up to applying to school (about 8 months). I took the chance to leave patient care which was risky but it paid off. I noticed that I had far more to talk about in my interview
  9. I think that if you received interviews then your application on paper was good enough. Your application gets you an interview and your interview gets you an acceptance. I would brush up on your interview skills and try to apply more broadly. Your stat's aren't "below" average but they aren't extremely above average either regarding PCE. With that said, applying to 7 programs is relatively low given that your stats aren't spectacular. I would retake those 2 courses to try and see if you can bump up your science GPA but again, you received interviews so that may not make a huge difference on yo
  10. Cadaver lab is at Harvard Medical School which is also used by the MGH PA students.
  11. Something to consider is whether or not they are rolling admissions. If they are rolling admissions, it's always better to apply early. June is still considered early for the application process. The later you apply to rolling admissions programs the chances of you getting an interview and ultimately a seat decreases. There are people that apply close to the deadline and get in just fine but it's also about maximizing your chances! If they aren't rolling admissions then I would wait until I have accrued more hours to be more competitive.
  12. Description > bulletin points. Be detailed ! It's really the only place you have on your application to explain your role and responsibilities aside from a resume (if they ask for one, not all programs do). Also, include what you learned if you're adding shadowing experiences.
  13. I don’t think I came off sounding offensive but if that’s how you interpreted it then my apologies. I was stating that the internal candidates that I met and having talked to them on the interview day really did not portray themselves as mature and what they spoke on behalf of their PCE it appeared to be extremely minimal. I say this based off of my experience during my time there. I understand that your defending your undergrad institution and that it’s your alma mater and how dare someone tell you that their program isn’t impressive. I’m also not saying that every single internal candidate i
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