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  1. I havent heard anything from them since the confirmation email in June..
  2. Congrats! How was the interview format? Were there more traditional questions. MMI, etc? Thanks!
  3. Great! Thanks! I also read somewhere that they fill their class very quickly so I was worried that they weren't offering anymore interviews
  4. Anyone hear anything that submitted around June 16th? All I've received thus far was an email confirmation from the program on June 17th. Any interview offers for those that submitted around that time?
  5. Hmmm..I wonder why they wouldn't fill the class... Seems like they'd be losing out on tuition money ! Interesting! Thanks!
  6. Can you please clarify? Did you mean to say that they have a waitlist for possible interviews? There is absolutely no way that they have applicants who interviewed have been placed on the waitlist already. The first interview was 10/5 and it's 10/7. I'm quite sure they wouldn't have accepted a full class and already have people on a waitlist. If you meant to say that they have a list of people that could still be in the running for an interview please be clear. Saying they have a waitlist implies the class is full (which I highly doubt) and that everyone from here on out will be waitlisted. Causes unncessary anxiety and stress for other applicants.
  7. I logged on at 2:58 because I've noticed that they aren't consistent with sending emails. I saw that I could schedule an interview and the option of the 6th or 20th came up. I refreshed just to double check that those were the only options. I quickly registered for the 6th date to not take chances and received a confirmation email for the interview shortly after. I went back to the portal to triple check that there were no other available dates and all the seats were gone. I haven't even received the email saying that the interview can be scheduled that was meant to be sent at 3pm... but it could be because I was able to schedule the interview? Not that it matters but it worries me moving forward that emails that are meant to be sent, aren't.
  8. I'm not from Connecticut! I'll be coming in from Boston! Are you ?
  9. I received an interview invite as well. I guess we choose the day to interview tomorrow at 3pm in the portal? I thought they assigned us a date! Excited to interview there since I'm from Boston and hoping to stay local! Best of luck everyone
  10. For those that will be interviewing on the 18th of October, I just received an email with further information regarding the interview day and the meet & greet! Check your emails
  11. I have not received a formal email confirming the date I chose. I received an email from "Formstack" with receipt of the RSVP submission. Not sure if that's what the "confirmation" email is.
  12. Has anyone that received an email saying their a strong potential candidate for an interview end up receiving an interview offer? Also, does anyone know how far out they hold interviews? Last I called the class had not been filled.
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