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Retake GRE or submit early?

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I had a similar dilemma last year and I called the programs I planned on applying to to ask their opinion. The general consensus was if you foresee yourself doing significantly better..just wait, otherwise don’t. I’d also add that your other metrics will need to be considered, if you have a lower cGPA/sGPA I’d wait and retake. It personally worked to my advantage and my app was still considered early. 

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I recently retook my GRE for the second time and would like some advise on if i should consider retaking for the third time. First time I got a 292 ( V: 148 Q: 144). Second attempt I got a 299 ( V: 154 Q:145). I have close to 4K hours from scribing and medical assistant work at a cardiology practice, shadowed three PAs, and have closed to 900 volunteer hours. Any advise ?

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