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New Grad Free Clinic Offer

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Hello all!

Wanted to get some thoughts or comments on this offer:


-Includes health ($60/month, rest is paid by employer), dental, life, malpractice, short&long term insurance

-3 paid work week vacations

-Paid holidays and birthday

-401k after one year of employment

-9 paid days sick leave, 3 paid days for personal time 

-One local, state, or federal society membership included

-CME $400, 3 paid days away from normal activities

-Site not eligible for loan repayment program


I think right away the CME is pretty low, but this is a free clinic setting. Not sure how much I should try to negotiate considering that, too. 

The doc is very willing to teach. He'd like me to start seeing a low number of patients and increasing my patient load up to the normal rate of 2 visits per hour.

It would be a M-F 8-5 gig. And this is in central VA, if that helps.


Thank you all for your time!

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You'd be making ~$40/hr. I know a nurse who was offered a position for $47/hr in Michigan. If you make at least $50/hr 45 hrs/week, you would be making $108k. A normal rate of 2 pts/hour is pretty good if you ask me, so maybe that's why the pay is low. Salary and CME are very low. Try to negotiate at least $97k, but that would still put you at only ~$44/hr. CME should be much higher, I hear the norm is $2k-$3k. If you can get the salary and CME up, the offer doesn't seem bad especially since the doctor is understanding and very willing to teach

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