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Opinions: ED Physician seeing every patient behind new PA

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Hey all! New grad in FL here, I'm curious to see varying opinions on this: 

Would you as a new grad work for a group that has a policy which states any patient seen by a PA/NP must also seen by a Physician regardless of the PA/NPs experience? 

They framed this as a collaborative approach to medicine and explained that a lot of experienced PAs are turned off by this, but new grads love it and that the Physicians are very supportive and enjoying teaching etc. 

A part of me feels that this is a disservice to the PA profession and gives patient's the wrong idea of a PA's scope of practice, but on the other hand I feel that it would be a great environment for me to learn and grow as a new grad....and decent offers are hard to come by in Florida, especially in EM.

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This is about billing, plain and simple.

A lot of high volume EDs will have the physician 'see' every patient with the PA/NP because then they can bill for the time.

I personally went to the ED, the PA managed all aspects of my care, and the physician came in to shake my hand and say 'PA so and so seems to have it under control, anything I can do for you?'.  I got a bill for both of their time and the ED was able to bill at a full 100% level to my insurance because I was seen by a physician.

Note:  I realize this doesn't occur everywhere and in some situations may be due to a distrust of APP skills vs billing but....follow the money

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What MT2PA said, though many places bill at the 100% incident to rate just by having the doc sign the charts.

You'll find that as your experience grows this is more and more distasteful.  It's the patients which you aren't yet comfortable with where you need physician involvement: not always the most critical, more often the more complicated, multiple comorbidities, or more unusual.

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