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  1. Hey all! New grad in FL here, I'm curious to see varying opinions on this: Would you as a new grad work for a group that has a policy which states any patient seen by a PA/NP must also seen by a Physician regardless of the PA/NPs experience? They framed this as a collaborative approach to medicine and explained that a lot of experienced PAs are turned off by this, but new grads love it and that the Physicians are very supportive and enjoying teaching etc. A part of me feels that this is a disservice to the PA profession and gives patient's the wrong idea of a PA's scope of practice, but on the other hand I feel that it would be a great environment for me to learn and grow as a new grad....and decent offers are hard to come by in Florida, especially in EM.
  2. Hey all! PA student here. Still in clinical rotations but starting to look around at jobs just to get an idea. My hope is to work in the Orlando/Brevard County Area in EM, Urgent Care, maybe Derm (also open to others) but have not come across too many listings. Additionally, anyone have any insight as to what the average salary for a new grad is around there? My program is in South Florida and I've heard the market is atrocious down here and that they are offering new grads $70-80k. Seems crazy because when I talked to PAs a few years ago before getting into PA school, they warned me to not accept anything lower than $90k. Additionally, I'm bilingual and have military experience...if that has any negotiability factor these days. Any insight is appreciated! Thanks guys!
  3. Hello all! I am a first year PA student finishing up my Didactic year and am hoping to complete my clinical rotations in the Central Florida area. If anyone (PA/NP/MD/DO) is willing to precept a student for 5 weeks or knows of anyone that might be interested, please let me know! Rotation schedule includes: Surgery, Pediatrics, ER, Family, OB/GYN, Psychiatry, Internal, and 2 electives. Thanks for your time!
  4. L2014

    Navy Reserve

    Not sure if this is much of a help--but I'm just about to start clinical year and have decided to join the Reserves after graduation therefore I have been researching the different branches and what each can offer, how I would fit in etc. I called a local Navy recruiter and she said that the Navy does not have much to offer Reserve PAs at the moment; she stated as of now there is no loan repayment offered nor any annual bonus, basically just drill pay. She suggested getting into contact again at the end of the next fiscal year as the budget may change. Then she spent about 30 minutes trying to convince me to go Active Duty lol. But it may be worth contacting a recruiter; she was more than happy to answer all my questions.
  5. Hi all! Does anyone know what the best way to contact admissions is regarding whether or not a prerequisite course will be accepted? I have emailed the PA program a few times with no response (I know they are VERY busy), but I just don't want to submit my application if the course will not be counted. It's a film analysis course that I took at my university and it fulfilled the Gordon Rule writing requirement, so I assume that it would be counted toward 3 of the 6 English credits, but I wanted to double check. Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks!
  6. Applied to St. Pete campus, I received an email on Sept 12th stating that everything was received and that my application is awaiting admissions committee review...still have not heard anything back from them yet. They emailed me at the end of last cycle and told me that I was a competitive applicant and to reapply and submit early this cycle (which I did, mid-June). Is it normal for it to take this long? Are they receptive to emails about applications status or do they hate that? Lol
  7. Hi all! I received an email 7/6 stating my application was received and forwarded to the admissions committee for review, but haven't heard anything since... Any idea what this means? Or if I should follow up with them? I know a lot of programs do not like when people contact them for status updates because they are so busy. Just wondering if anyone had any insight. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi all, Looking for some opinions on whether or not you all think being a member of AAPA or any state specific PA Associations have any benefit during admissions process? I saw the tab for "Memberships" on CASPA and was curious. I had been contemplating joining AAPA due to the vast amount of resources associated with a membership, but it is quite pricey. Thanks a lot!
  9. Looking for some advice on who to ask for letters of recommendation. Just a brief background, I applied last cycle with an overall GPA of 3.4 and Science of 2.8 and surprisingly received an interview and some positive feedback from a few of my top schools which leads me to believe my LORs and PS were good enough to make up for my low GPA. I had 2 PAs, 1 MD, director of free clinic, and pharmacy manager write me letters. This semester I took Orgo 2 and pretty sure I'm going to receive an A, I'm wondering if I should ask my professor for a LOR considering my low science GPA, but not sure if that will be more valuable than any of the above recommendations all from people who know me better personally and my desire to become a PA. Any input?
  10. So this might be a silly question, but I cannot find a straight answer anywhere. If you are a re-applicant do you have to pay the $27 for each GRE score report to be sent to CASPA again? Wouldn't the program already have my score if I've already applied there? Or do they disregard/discard any information from the previous cycle?
  11. Hey there, Where exactly is the location? Email I received after registering said Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport, however the AASPA website said DoubleTree Orlando Airport...?
  12. That's what I figured. GRE is decent I think 149 verbal, 157 quantitative, 4.5 writing. Going to email around to my top schools and see if they think I should retake it. Thanks! I know it isn't an easy route to become a PA but I'm determined!
  13. Hey vintagehero, I'm wait listed as well. My impression was that everyone who is not initially accepted is wait listed, but I'm not totally sure. I don't know how many have been accepted, but with 36 seats and 3 interview sessions I'd imagine that they accept 12 from each.
  14. Hey all, I have applied this cycle and sent out quite a few applications. I've received a few rejections outright, an interview that turned into wait list, and still have not heard back from a handful of schools. Now that it's December I am formulating my plan for the worst case scenario of re-applying next cycle. Here are my stats: Overall GPA: 3.36 Science: 2.84 Experiences: ~1,000 hours working as a scribe in the ER ~1,500 hours working as a Registered Pharmacy Technician ~150 hours volunteering at a clinic (triage, vital signs, assisting provider, etc) ~250 hours shadowing (primary care PA, NP, orthopedic PA) I know that the majority of my patient experiences are not the most hands-on, but most of the schools I applied to count the scribe hours as direct experience. At this point I think my science GPA is holding me back the most. I am planning on taking Organic 2 with Lab in the Spring, but this is at a community college and the selection of classes that I have not taken is very slim. Would it raise a red flag to admissions committees if I were to take a 2000 or even 1000 level science class such as Nutrition or Human/Reproductive Inheritance in order to boost my science GPA over the 3.0 threshold?? Additionally, should I plan to obtain better patient care experience by getting my CNA license. I previously had my license and applied to several positions over the course of a year without success as I did not have any previous experience in the health care field. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!
  15. Eniale, I am in the same boat. Were you able to contact them?
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