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Which personal statement editing service is better: myPArescource or The PA Life?

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Hello everyone! I would like to have my personal statement edited professionally but I’m not sure which service I should use.   So far I have narrowed it down to  myPArescource and The PA Life. I haven’t read as many reviews for The PA Life as I have for myPArescource. 

I would really appreciate it if you guys could share your experiences using any of these two services! Thank you!

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I personally would skip the "professional" services and take it to your local English major.  You don't know what you are getting with these services and there's no data to support their use.  I had a friend who received her master's in English do a peer-review of my personal statement and it was the best thing I could've done as she was able to really pull apart my paper and tell me what improvements to be made from a story-telling and literary standpoint.  I feel like with a service you don't really know what you are paying for and those doing the "edits" don't have any qualifications other than being the few that are charging pre-PA students for something most people would gladly do for free.  Just my two cents.

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I disagree with the above user. As an English major myself, I could certainly revise an essay for grammatical errors, but wouldn’t have the experience necessary to judge errors of content and or discern what adcoms are looking for compared to a practicing PA or someone on a PA school admissions committee (i.e. the people revising your essay through one of those services).

That being said, I had a great experience with MyPAResource and would highly recommend them. Good luck!

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I agree with both users above. I would take the essay for review at your university’s writing center to have it reviewed for grammar and graduate-level quality writing (this is usually free). But I would also want PAs with experience helping people get accepted to lay eyes on it to review the experiences and PA-specific/medical terminology. If you want to pay for a review, I would recommend paying for a service who are familiarized with the PA school admission process.

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