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  1. From my understanding, your grad sGPA is also calculated into your BCP. Did you include it in your BCP? If your BCP GPA falls below the requirement, it’ll be tossed automatically.
  2. The overall is what you need before your grades can be scrutinized even further. If you meet the overall requirement, then that’s good. At that point, it’ll be up to schools to see if individual grades make or break you. Don’t stress about it. You made the minimum. Move on to more important things within your control.
  3. I disagree with the above user. As an English major myself, I could certainly revise an essay for grammatical errors, but wouldn’t have the experience necessary to judge errors of content and or discern what adcoms are looking for compared to a practicing PA or someone on a PA school admissions committee (i.e. the people revising your essay through one of those services). That being said, I had a great experience with MyPAResource and would highly recommend them. Good luck!
  4. FIFTY PERCENT? That is a HUGE red flag and I'm sure the ARC-PA will come thundering down on your program. Sorry that y'all are going through this.
  5. Yikes, I think having a subforum dedicated solely to trash-talking NPs would look bad on our end.
  6. I recommend also going on the Pre-PA subreddit. There's TONS of helpful information about everything you're asking in their FAQ.
  7. Relax, I think you'll be fine. It's great that you updated your CASPA app. Maybe also try reaching out to schools individually. Forgetting a description, I think, is better than completely neglecting to put hours that you completed.
  8. I got 3 interview invites and accepted into Rutgers and UT Southwestern with a 3.3 cGPA, 3.1 sGPA, and <1900 PCE hours.
  9. In addition to those already mentioned, try CCNY. UTSW also emphasizes on the recruitment of disadvantaged minorities.
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