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  1. You're probably going to get "Student Doctor Network" responses from the way you've presented your concerns, tbh.
  2. Contact PAs in your area on LinkedIn.
  3. I was a PT aide (level below PTA) and it was a great experience for me. As opposed to the CNAs, I was able to actually create my own treatment plans with my own patients once they were handed off to me by the physician, PA, NP, or PT. I was able to communicate my assessments with the physician/PA/NP after each round of treatment, which made me feel pretty useful as my observations were taken into account for the discharge plans. So you actually DO have the potential to work with providers and you aren't limited to cleaning, changing sheets, bathing, etc. I really doubt that if two applicants are head-to-head, with one being a CNA and one being a PTA, the odds are automatically going to go in favor of the CNA.
  4. In that case, I'd retake the two chem classes, take biochem (because a lot of schools require it), maybe take nutrition (extra sGPA booster and actually required by some schools), and maybe take some non-science pre-reqs (gen psych, abnormal psych, medical terminology, sociology, stats, and algebra are pre-reqs I've frequently come across). I have yet to see a school that actually REQUIRES Ochem II (please correct me if I'm wrong)?? And trust me when I say I've probably looked at pre-reqs for 40+ schools this cycle. Lol. (Edit: Apparently, UTHSCSA requires ochem II. :o) I feel like if you take any additional classes, they should knock out extra pre-reqs as well. A 3.3 sGPA honestly isn't terrible. I had a 3.1 sGPA (which is actually pretty bad) and still managed to get accepted this cycle. That upward trend of yours will also be super beneficial to you. And the above-listed suggestions would already fill your plate for a year. Imho, you look pretty solid to me. I'd really only recommend retaking those chems and maybe taking biochem to increase your options. But focus on building your PCE as well. With a year of working, and those three classes under your belt, I see no reason why you wouldn't get invited to interview based on your stats alone.
  5. In your shoes, I'd retake those two C's AND take higher level Bio courses (not chem). A good number of schools won't take pre-reqs less than a B, so you'd be limiting yourself already if you don't retake your chem classes. But if your sGPA is pretty solid (~3.5) I don't really see the need to take more upper-division bio courses to prove yourself, unless you're fulfilling pre-reqs.
  6. I had a minor run-in with the law and have received three interview invites. It can be done.
  7. The PA path IS medicine, so your last line throws me off. I have never given this type of advice to someone before, but you are undertaking a huge endeavor. The odds are really against you and with so many subpar course grades along with subpar retakes, I feel like you should realistically explore other healthcare options. I imagine even the most holistic school would be extremely hesitant to take on an applicant with these stats...even if you do somehow manage to pull of all A's in 15+ science courses. I hope you don't take this personally.
  8. PCE is just patient care experience. Whether or not it has to be paid varies from program to program.
  9. I'm sorry to hear that, but I know that the admissions cooordinator who deals with all the applicants to the PA program recently left her position for a different position within the school. Maybe that's why you received that response?
  10. You honestly sound like a strong applicant. Yes, your GPA is not the greatest, but I feel like your upward trend and involvement make you look better as an applicant. Make sure you apply to UTSW!
  11. Just to have all your bases covered and also get those extra GPA points, I'd suggest submitting when you're done with your classes. I had classes up until early-mid May, requested my transcript to be sent to CASPA as soon as possible, and managed to get everything in by the very end of May. My app was verified May 31st. Any app verified prior to mid June is still considered super early.
  12. Idk, I just think it's cool to see this profession represented on such a highly-acclaimed movie.
  13. I'm currently working as a barista in a bookstore cafe, saving up to go backpacking through Guatemala before school starts. Do what your heart wants! :)