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Non-Traditional PS...My idea is kind of different...

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Hi!  I am applying for the first time this cycle and am the definition of a non traditional student!  I am currently a practicing chiropractor, and am 41 years old.  Before becoming a chiropractor I was an athletic trainer and worked in a hospital physical therapy department.  Anyway, that’s just a little background.  I know that in my PS I need to talk about why PA, and in my case, definitely “why now”.

I have always been dissatisfied with my job (8 years in practice treating pain only via manipulations and active and passive therapies).  I don’t believe in the subluxation theory, never did, and don’t think adjustments can cure things from asthma to cancer, and don’t get me started on the anti-vaxxer nonsense.  It’s MSK conditions only here.  (And yes, I also know to make sure to keep the PS positive, and not bash my current profession...that is going to be tough...)

My question is...I have a lot of patients that have written reviews/compliments/etc about my personality, bedside manner, presence, what have you.  I will list a few of these below.  IS THERE A TACTFUL WAY FOR ME TO INCORPORATE THESE INTO MY PS?

When I think about what I can bring to the PA profession, or why I think I would enjoy it and be good at it, some of the things that my current patients say about me describe it perfectly.  Just trying to figure out how to incorporate it all.  

“...very caring about me as an individual and listens to my complaints and addresses them appropriately...”

”...always trying to find new ways to help with pain management and mobility...”

”...so appreciative of her expertise in sports injuries and pain relief...and I don’t know what we would do without her...”

”...always cares how I am feeling and makes sure she targets my areas that need help.  Super knowledgeable...”

”...she is easy to talk to...”

”...great listener and very friendly...”

”...she always takes the time to listen to what’s going on...”

”...very approachable and professional...”

”...she is professional, competent, and compassionate...”



Anyway, those are a few snippets I pulled off of the Google reviews for me and my office a couple of minutes ago.  I probably have between 75-90 reviews floating around in different parts of the interwebs, mostly from google and facebook recommendations.  I know these can help me somehow, but I am just having trouble figuring out exactly how.  Thoughts????  TIA!!!

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Try using 1-2 themes in your PS to help form a nice flow to your narrative. It seems like your compassion is highlighted in the reviews, so you can use that. Connect compassion to patient examples, interactions with a PA, your development as a healthcare provider, etc. Just something to think about. Hope this helps!

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