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  1. aba51

    Which School?

    I don't have experience living in Brooklyn, but I live very close to NYC (about 10 min from the gwb on the Jersey side). Brooklyn is a nice area, but the city in general is very expensive. If you like a change of pace and scene, then go for LIU. You can always commute to the campus from some place that is more cost-effective but you would have to factor in commute time and transportation, etc. You'll always have access to the subway if you're living in the city. Location was important for me when I chose my PA program, for both the study environment (my school is on a college campus so I have access to the same resources as the undergrad), cost of living, and possible job opportunities, so those are something to think about as well. As always, go somewhere where you feel you will have a superb education and experience. From the looks of it, you should go with Methodist. Best of luck!
  2. Thanks so much for your input @MT2PA! Im actually going to meet up with a financial advisor soon to talk more about my options since I'm not well-versed at all at financing. Thanks again!
  3. Hi all, I am excited to start PA school in the next few months and I am trying to prepare myself financially. Like 99% of the cost of attendance, including rent, will be covered by loans. Whether it's private or federals loans, I do not know yet (but whichever has the least amount of interest/faster to pay off will be the most ideal). So my questions are, how do I go about taking out loans for rent and living and groceries, etc? Should I take out two loans, one to cover tuition and the other to cover living? Do I take out an estimate of how much I'll use on a month to month basis, or how much I'll use in a year? What if I don't use the amount of money I take out, do I still have to pay interest for that portion that's not used? I'll be pretty much working until I start school so I'll save as much as I can, but I know for sure it won't be nearly enough to cover a year's worth of living. I'll take any anecdotes, advice, or tips! Thank you for the help!
  4. aba51

    Letters of Rec

    I would go with the PA for your third letter of rec. Try to get more shadowing hours with them so they can know you more as a person and as a potential PA colleague! Be inquisitive about the profession and the cases that you might see for your own knowledge and to show the PA you are interested/dedicated to understanding the role of a PA.
  5. Any chance you know when they send out denial letters?
  6. Hey all, I submitted my application and supplemental fee in mid-August and haven't heard back since then. Does anyone know if denial letters get sent out in intervals (without interview invite) or if they get sent out when the interview process is entirely done? Just curious Thanks!
  7. aba51

    GRE Prep time?

    I studied on and off for three months. I worked full-time and also was taking 2 prereq classes at the time. I signed up for the 6-month (or it might've been 3 months) usage of Magoosh as they were having a special sale. I definitely recommend it. I knew the quantitative section would be my weak point and Magoosh offered explanation step-by-step videos which helped me tremendously. They have videos on concepts and tips, all of which were very helpful in managing my time in answering questions. Also for the verbal, the videos have explanations and they go through why an option may or may not be the best answer. Highly recommend using Magoosh for more than their flashcards in your preparation. I also found the practice exams a bit more harder but that only helps you in the long-run with the actual exam. Good luck!
  8. I would consider retaking the GRE. Idk if most of the schools you applied to required it, but try to aim at least 150 in the verbal and quantitive sections and at least a 4.0 in writing. Along with your new gig and the hours you already have and your GPAs, I think you'd make a really competitive applicant next year Get some really good letter of recs too! Best of luck!
  9. I retook gen chem 1 and gen bio 2 twice and ended up getting the same exact grades (C+) at a four-year University. Totally heartbreaking. It showed up as the same grade on CASPA for the courses. My next two years I had an upward trend in my grades and the rest of my prereqs were in the A range. By the time I was applying, I knew that if I did not get in, it would ultimately be because of my prereqs grades. I applied this cycle on my first attempt and got into my top choice. I wouldn't retake the chem class for the third time, but like others have said, try to take upper level courses such as pathophysiology, immunology or genetics, and do well in them. It'll broaden your transcript and they'll hopefully see a good trend in your grades. Look out for mininum grade requirements and apply to some holistic schools too! Best of luck!
  10. aba51

    What are my chances?

    I'd say you have a pretty good chance of getting at least to the interview phase if you apply in the next cycle. Just keep accruing patient care hours -- ideally get at least 1,000 hours to make your application competitive. Idk about the criteria for the schools that you are interested in applying to and what type of candidates they are looking for, but make sure you have a killer and unique personal statement, letter of recs, and diverse experiences (which I think you have so far) and you should be in a very good direction. Best of luck!
  11. aba51

    2018 - 19 Application Process

    I believe they interview 120-150 people for a cohort size of 60 from what I remember during my interview. Their deadline is until mid-January so there's probably more interviews into the new year. Good luck!
  12. aba51

    2018 - 19 Application Process

    Congrats on your acceptance! Since I put down my deposit, I just received emails about summer housing and background check. That's all I've received since accepting my seat last month. I think financial aid stuff might come in the next few weeks or so.
  13. aba51

    2018 - 19 Application Process

    Are there any student discounts on equipment that Marist offers or representatives that come to campus?
  14. Thanks! I was verified on August 2nd and then I received an interview invite like around mid-October.
  15. Just received an acceptance email for the NJ campus! My interview was on November 15th.

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