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PCOM Interview

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I'm posting my experience at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) here because USP is where students can go for their undergrad and pre-reqs before going to PCOM for the Masters of Science degree in P.A. Studies. The interview began in the lobby of the Evans Hall building, also known as "the fishbowl." There were 4 other interview candidates. We met up with two first year students. They took us to the cafeteria for a free breakfast. After breakfast, we were given a tour of PCOM's facility. We were shown some of the new facilities including the new classroom and H&P lab. We were also able to see the anatomy lab (it's huge), the radiology classroom, the OMM room, the room where you actually conduct an H&P on a patient (who are 3 and 4th year DO students). We also were shown the bookstore, financial aid office, housing office, library, and work out facility. After the tour, we were taken back to the "fishbowl" where we were given a presentation by one of the faculty. She explained to us the academic and clinical parts of the program. The program now starts in June and allows studnents to focus on Anatomy over the summer. For the clinical portion of the program, you can choose some of the sites where you prefer to go. They also provide housing for you if the clinical site is far enough from PCOM (~100 miles difference). After the faculty member finished, it was interview time. As we were waiting for our turn to be interviewed, D.O. and P.A. students stopped by to talk to us and wish us luck. I felt that there was a strong sense of community among students regardless of the program they were in. The first years who gave us the tour were also there and able to answer questions we had. My interview time came up real quickly, and I felt relaxed just by talking to PCOM students and the other applicants. I was interviewed by an admissions rep, the program director, the director of the P.A. department at USP, and one of the first years who had given the tour. They asked the standard questions as well as situational questions. (Make sure to learn as much as you can about the profession and the osteopathic philosophy, plus shadow a P.A. or 10). This interview went right on through. It seems as if they want to get a sense of who you are as well as your interests. After everyone finished interviewing, we were taking into the conference room where the individual interviews were held and asked to write a one page essay on a chosen topic. The interview ended with a financial aid presentation. They were real thorogh with the info. and welcomed any questions from us. The students and faculty were welcoming to us. They eased the anxiety that we (the applicants) had and gave me something to look foward to at PCOM. The facilities were amazing state of the art technology. The location of the school also seems to be in a more laid back area of Philadelphia.

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