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WA PA License Renewal Fee Increase - 96% Increase!!!!!

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Hello! Is everyone aware of the proposed Fee Increase? Why are our fees increasing 96% vs the docs 54%? It appears there is no stopping this and will pass and go into effect this October. 

By the way, how many of you are members of the WSMA?

In light of their lack of support (or also known as not taking a position) for progressive PA laws, why are we paying members?

We do not have voting rights as dues paying members of the WSMA. I had an interesting discussion with a former board member, and he didnt even know that, let alone understand PA laws. I've since then provided him with information. 

As for my upcoming membership renewal of the WSMA, I'm not renewing at the end of this year as I'll need it to apply it to my new license fee increase. . 


February 27, 2019

Medical Commission Releases Timeline and Workshop for Proposed Fee Increases

After stating its intention to raise license renewal fees for several health professions, including allopathic physicians and physician assistants, the Washington Medical Commission has now issued an anticipated timeline for rulemaking and announced a public workshop to share information with the affected professions.

The commission's proposed fee increase for MDs and PAs remains unchanged: The proposal would raise physicians' renewal fees 54 percent (from $657 to $1012) and physician assistants' renewal fees 96 percent (from $202 to $396). The commission has explained that the fee increases are necessary to meet a state requirement that health professions be self-supporting, which includes correcting for budget deficits and covering program cost overruns.

To provide an overview of these costs, the Department of Health is inviting stakeholders and licensees to attend a public workshop this Thursday, Feb. 28, starting at 11:30 a.m. The MD/PA increase will be discussed from 11:50 a.m.-12:10 p.m. The workshop can be attended in person or remotely. See the WMC announcement for information on how to join the meeting. The WSMA's Jeb Shepard be in attendance representing the WSMA.

The commission has issued the following timeline for rulemaking (all dates 2019):

  • Feb. 28 – Stakeholder meeting to provide overview of program costs. 
  • March (day TBD) – File proposed fee rules (CR-102).
  • April (day TBD) – Hold hearing on proposed fee rules.
  • June (day TBD) – Adopt final fee rules (CR-103).
  • Starting July – Send out renewal notices with new fee amount.
  • Oct. 1 – Effective date of new fees.

The WSMA continues to oppose the fee increases—see this recent Spokesman-Review article as well as our formal comment letter to the commission for more on our position. Be on the lookout for calls to action on this issue once rulemaking is initiated in March

For questions on this issue, contact Hailey Hamilton in our Olympia office at hailey@wsma.org or 360.352.4848.

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