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  1. Hi, looking for an update on your prospective job; have you received an offer?
  2. Hello! Is everyone aware of the proposed Fee Increase? Why are our fees increasing 96% vs the docs 54%? It appears there is no stopping this and will pass and go into effect this October. By the way, how many of you are members of the WSMA? In light of their lack of support (or also known as not taking a position) for progressive PA laws, why are we paying members? We do not have voting rights as dues paying members of the WSMA. I had an interesting discussion with a former board member, and he didnt even know that, let alone understand PA laws. I've since then provided him wit
  3. One point; what happens when these docs are no longer around or retire? Reality is PAs are tied to a physician and as long as you have a great relationship everything is rosy. That could all change unless PAs gain full independent practise (unlikely to happen soon) or you get to buy into that practise as a full partner. If you're worried about the lost income, live like a resident now, during school, residency and post residency. If you can manage it, work a day or two while in school. Recouping that 1 million is achievable if you dont spend like a sailor and feel the need to keep up wit
  4. Reviving this thread as I have a question regarding billing in the ED Observation setting. APCs staff the unit, all MDM by the PA/NP. Rounding in the mornings, otherwise, if no questions/concerns, disposition by APC. All charts with attestation once complete. I'm trying to figure out how and under who this is this billed. It's all technically Outpatient. Everything I'm searching for seems to indicate it's under the Attending physician which leads me to believe that billing is under the physician as well even if the patient's care has been entirely under the APC for the duration of
  5. That's great! I've found the folks in Olympia to be very responsive. Some really awesome folks down there.
  6. Go or you will regret it. If you decide it's not for you, there's always a return to the PA profession. You've worked hard for this, it's a wonderful opportunity and in the long term, will afford you more opportunities. Good Luck!
  7. I have the dual degree. Hasn't made a difference and I've not used it to date. Originally I intended to do more, but life makes some interesting turns. Make sure it is accredited especially if you intend to use it internationally with NGOs and like WHO, otherwise, it's another 30 hrs and $$$ and only applicable in the USA.
  8. yes. I get these regularly and for the last couple of years. why?
  9. This past week, I sent the following (abbreviated) below to my state organization after several months of frustrating lack of response in regards to an issue on the administrative and leadership level. Leadership Advancement Restrictions - PAs have found their leadership roles and advancement potential removed and/or restricted. We do not have voting privileges for policy and hospital bylaws. Until March of this year, I and others in my organization were removed from director positions and committees. Reason cited, "reorganization" and improvement of a physician-lead organization. Le
  10. I suspect this will spill over to PAs. Cant emphasize enough need to have NPs on our side and working together. Need the AMA to modernize and get on board. https://www.healthcaredive.com/news/nurses-slam-ama-for-stance-against-independent-practice-for-nonphysicians/511391/ Nurses slam AMA for stance against independent practice for nonphysicians AUTHOR Meg Bryant PUBLISHED Nov. 21, 2017 TWEET Dive Brief: The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)
  11. @ primadonna22274 - your messages inbox is full! I'm trying to send you a message - any way to contact you privately to chat on PA to DO?
  12. not that i'm not interested, just not sure how or what kind of input to offer as i felt the initial survey was "rigged" and my comments at the end were very specific regarding the recert process. i'm not happy with the current method. so - i thought i'd put it out here in this forum, see if my fellow PAs have some idea of what they'd like and make it collective. seriously, what do we consider "core medical knowledge"? that we shouldnt kill someone or that i have to manage a diabetic when my specialty is nowhere near primary care?
  13. Hello everyone, I rarely post - mostly lurk. But I feel it is important to share this. I received the following email from the NCCPA. I dont recall stating in my response I would do this/participate - but now I've been asked to respond. Have any of you received this? I want to respond, but...... Core Medical Knowledge and Skills: Recruitment Survey When you responded to NCCPA’s recent survey about a proposed new recertification model, you expressed interest in participating in a two- to three-day meeting to help fu
  14. How many of you are aware of this? I have to say - I'm not exactly thrilled. “Associate physician” idea comes to Washington In anticipation of the legislative session, Rep. Eileen Cody (D-West Seattle) has introduced House Bill 2343 , which would create a new “associate physician” license in Washington state. The bill is modeled on laws recently adopted in several states (Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas), and allows a medical school graduate who fails to be matched with a residency to practice medicine under the supervision of a licensed physician. Rep. Cody is bringing t
  15. Drug Allergies: albuterol - reaction? shortness of breath, cant breath. "allergic to vicodin - makes me itch and throw up. But i can take percocet or oxycodone"
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