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Gap between graduation and residency?

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I am a PA-student anticipating to graduate in early August 2019 and taking the PANCE roughly early Sept based on previous classes before me. I was looking into doing a fellowship, however it starts March 1st, leaving me with 6ish months of a gap. Should I try to get a job for those months leading up to the fellowship? I feel like the likelihood of an employer to hire me for such a short period is slim. I have heard locums is too much for a new grad so I factored that out. 

I likely would find out if I was selected for the fellowship before graduating. I have an out-of-state EMT cert; should I look into getting reciprocity and doing something like that (would still have to get trained on the local area/protocols though)? 

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I had a 6 month gap between graduation and residency and wrestled with this question as well. I decided against working and just spent the time being a stay at home dad and getting our house ready to sell. I did have a job lined up before grad, but figured I would end up working approx. 1-2 months after credentialing and HR orientation and whatnot. I figured with the difficulty and time suck that residency is, my time would be better spent investing with my family. I would absolutely do it that way again. I do have to explain that 6 month gap on every credentialing process, but that's no big deal. 

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I am in a similar situation. I just graduated and I am taking my PANCE on January 3rd, but the fellowship program I plan to complete starts in September. I have a PRN job lined up for when credentialing is complete, and they are well aware of my fellowship plans and happy to accommodate me. I realize that's not always easy to arrange, but it just worked out that way for me. I also plan to do a whole lot of visiting family, hanging out with my dog, sleeping, binge watching TV, etc. 🙂

Oh, and I have been driving for Uber/Lyft throughout PA school, so I plan to continue that for supplemental income. I am embracing the hiatus. After 27 months of PA school, I'm not in a hurry to rush into anything time consuming.

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