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  1. Now ACEP is jumping on the bandwagon. At least they didn't call us "physician's assistants."
  2. I believe they are still on probation, but I don't know with 100% certainty. I'm sure they'll address this during the interview!
  3. Congratulations on your interview! Just graduated from FMU's first class in December. You are correct in that the interview process is different now than it was a few years ago. Can't go into too much detail but your day at FMU will likely include an informational session from the faculty, possibly financial aid (they've done this in the past), and tours of the facility from current (and maybe prior) students. If you have any specific questions about the program, feel free to PM me. Good luck!
  4. I'm just gonna leave this right here. https://www.aaem.org/current-news/aaem-takes-a-stand-on-the-use-of-apps-in-ed
  5. I hate NM studies for PE. Getting a report that says pt has a "low probability" of PE is not reassuring to me if I'm concerned enough to order imaging in the first place. EKG/POCUS to look for right heart strain....if present, would certainly help build a case for PE. If hospitalist still refuses to admit, I would transfer the patient elsewhere. If this patient has CKD, I'm assuming they have other co-morbidities too, which would likely make them a poor candidate for outpatient management. And if they're going to be admitted anyway, they might as well be admitted someplace with the resources available to further assess the suspected problem. Interested to see what others would do.
  6. Who told patients that their febrile infants should be wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, three layers of clothing, two pairs of socks, and a hat when they are inside? #smh
  7. Who told patients that asymptomatic hypertension requires a visit to the ER, labs, imaging, and IV medication? #smh
  8. It's been one heck of a journey, but after years of sacrifice and hard work I am finally a certified PA! Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to everyone on this forum who has helped along the way. This website is a gold mine of information and I'm very lucky to have stumbled across it back in college! I've had the pleasure of meeting a few users in person and developing some really cool friendships as a result of this site. Looking forward to continued networking, exchange of ideas, and contributing to this community as a PA-C.
  9. No. I passed with a score of 522, and ROSH predicted 633.
  10. It really wasn't that bad. There were a few questions that were out of left field but the majority of them were reasonable and fair. I used ROSH review and I'd say ROSH review was harder than the actual PANCE, but it prepared me well. I never took the old PANCE so can't speak to whether or not it was harder.
  11. I also took the 2019 PANCE. Still waiting for my score (grrr) but I did not buy any supplemental study material for the new ethics portion and I'm glad I didn't. The answers were either obvious or not anything you could really study/memorize. Just use common sense and you will do just fine. Some people in my class bought ethics study guides; I'd say save your money and focus on the clinical content.
  12. So I got this fancy electronic stethoscope as a Christmas gift.....and unfortunately, I have no use for it. It is brand new, never used, still in original box/packaging, all accessories included. The reason I'm not exchanging it is because unfortunately the person who gave it to me had my name laser engraved (hey, it's the thought that counts, right?) and now the store won't take it back. I'm sure the name can be easily covered or hidden with a strategically placed laser design if you want it gone. Stethoscope was purchased online for $380 (not including shipping & handling). I'd like to get at least $350. Shipping cost (from South Carolina) to be calculated on an individual basis. https://www.stethoscope.com/3m-littmann-electronic-3100-stethoscope-burgundy-27-inch-3100bu/ PM me if interested. Thanks!
  13. Hi there! The biggest piece of advice I can give you for making the most out of your study time during didactic year is to appropriately prioritize the material you are given. Between PowerPoints and supplemental reading, it is almost impossible to memorize every last bit of content in front of you. With each slide, ask yourself, "what are the top 3 things I absolutely MUST know from this slide?" Then (and this the part that is easier said than done) don't worry about the rest. If it's not clinically relevant and it's unlikely to be on the boards, then don't waste your time studying it. My classmates thought I was crazy at first for purposely not studying so much of the content that was given to us. My notes were among the shortest, most concise in my class. But it worked -- I earned straight A's and never failed an exam. Many of my classmates learned the hard way that your test scores are not directly proportional to the amount of notes you take. It is better to have a firm grasp on the most important information than it is to spend an equal amount of time on each detail. If you aren't sure what the key takeaways are, UpToDate is a fantastic resource. My rule of thumb = if you can't find it on UpToDate, it's probably not that important. I personally didn't use any supplemental textbooks but many of my friends found PANCE Prep Pearls to be very helpful. Also, don't use flashcards for anything except pharmacology and dermatomes. And for those, don't write them by hand -- waste of time. Download Anki instead (electronic flashcard software for your desktop/phone; no internet connection required). Hope this helps! Good luck!
  14. Probably the most accurate, updated article on PA's I've seen. Glad they did their research and actually consulted someone from the AAPA. This is way better than that article that Consumer Reports came out with earlier this year comparing MD's vs. DO's vs. PA's vs. NP's.
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